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eLearning Boot Camp for the Digital Marketing Vertical – 420+ Students Trained Online – $3,000 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business in the Digital Marketing and eLearning Sectors that offers digital marketing bootcamps at entry, intermediate, and advanced levels. This bootcamp isn’t geared toward helping clients get physically fit – but rather getting their businesses fit through online training initiatives. Since inception, this agency has attracted 420+ clients, now averaging 15 participants at a time, and are acquiring new customers every week. The company has accomplished this by offering clients something unique: a digital marketing bootcamp that sets their students on a path toward successfully launching and operating their own digital marketing agency. The program has also attracted small business owners that are looking to improve their digital presence.

This brand’s bootcamps are diverse. The business is set up as a coaching program, and clients are given multiple options for how they want to get started. The program is both effective and appealing to young entrepreneurs, providing students with the tools to bring in a minimum of $10,000 per month following training. The entry level plan includes a 20-hour course that can be taken online. The bulk of the company’s sales are generated from their offering of 4 weeks of live coaching calls which includes lifetime access to their team to answer questions in a private chat or group session.

While the cost of this course is $500, the intermediate plan that includes coaching is $2,997 and this remains their most popular offering. For those clients that prefer the highest level of service, there is an Elite plan offering the course and six months of one-on-one coaching for $15,000. As an e-learning platform, the company works primarily with students that want to learn the ins and outs of establishing a digital marketing firm, from set up to the full operational understanding of how a digital marketing firm operates. Their customer demographics are men between the ages of 18 and 30 looking to be their own employers or gain a fresh edge in the industry.

Digital marketing remains a vibrant field. Today, digital marketing agencies remain in high demand because they offer a broad set of services compared to more traditional marketing agencies, from strategic planning to web development, paid media services, SEO, A/B testing of multiple campaigns in search and social, and full optimization across all channels.

The value of the work performed in this vertical can be seen in the industry’s high level of profitability and increased need for virtually any company of any size. The global digital marketing market was valued at $340 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow by 12.8% as rising investments in online video and mobile advertising have given a tremendous boost to digital marketing agencies in North America and Western Europe, with mobile ad expenditure a fast-rising digital spend today. That’s why so many young entrepreneurs are eager to learn the basics of digital marketing. Each one of these eager self-starters represents a potential target for this fast-track course.

What they offer is unique and easy to market. The brand’s entire program, from coaching to the content in their course, is entirely original, giving students a learning experience they can’t get anywhere else. Their own growth is 100% achieved through the same methods they teach, via digital marketing. Social media has played a key role in that. The agency runs ads on sites that include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. They run videos on those last two sites to promote the quality of their course and coaching program and to drive traffic to the website. While the company employs a full-time contractor to handle sales (in addition to a full-time coach), this business doesn’t require more than 15 hours per week to operate, with daily operations focused on sales calls, coaching calls, and optimizing ads. The agency has Standard Operating Procedures in place.

There are multiple paths for scaling this operation. Options for growing this company and its annual revenue are numerous. The brand could launch its first SEO program, optimizing their website to boost rankings in search engines, while an educational blog about the course and about digital marketing in general would also expand their customer base. In fact, the business could cover a wide variety of topics, including coaching programs, creative ways to start an eCommerce site, and the future of remote work.

Both an influencer campaign and use of affiliate marketers would boost sales, and the company is sitting on a 13,000-email database that could be efficiently used for marketing and remarketing purposes.

With the healthy future that eCommerce offers, and a full-time coach available to remain as part of the team, this brand’s course and coaching program have a strong future. Now is the perfect time to contact Website Closers to learn more about how this offering can get your investments “in shape” for years to come.

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