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eLearning Business in Big Data Technologies & Enterprise Software Architectures – Strong YOY Growth – 90% Net Margin – 500,000+ Courses Sold


Website Closers® presents a highly reputable business that sells niche online courses primarily to individuals devoted to improving their skills for career development.

The world of online education has seen a transformation over the past few years, with its trajectory only getting steeper. Even before the pandemic struck, the e-learning market was already witnessing a surge in growth. The promise of learning from any corner of the world, the flexibility it brought to scheduling, and the broad spectrum of subjects it introduced captivated learners across age groups. The industry has continued flourishing, with enormous growth projections, and this company will provide a buyer with a high-level entryway into the vertical.

Product Demand & Customer Base

The business’s software development courses have carved out a prominent niche on the Udemy platform. The sheer number, quality, and relevance of lessons in its portfolio play a significant role in its valuation. Not merely a collection, these courses represent some of Udemy’s top-selling content, curated and instructed by one of the platform’s elite educators. The value of these courses isn’t just in their present demand but also in their longevity. They focus on popular, evergreen topics in software development, which suggests a promise of high recurring revenue for many years.

The company boasts a substantial user base, with over half a million students enrolled over the past seven years. The engagement level of this audience cannot be overstated. That volume of students and their 20% repeat purchase rate is a testament to the quality of the courses and their desire to continue learning through enlisting in subsequent studies.

Remarkably, this success has been achieved with minimal marketing efforts, presenting tremendous potential for growth with a more aggressive digital marketing strategy and effective branding. Such measures could substantially increase the business’s visibility, attract a broader audience, and further solidify its position as an online software development education leader.

Strong year-over-year progression is another indicator of the company’s sustainable model and the persistent relevance of its content. The horizon looks even brighter, with opportunities for expansion into new markets and platforms and the potential to introduce fresh course categories.

Industry Trajectory & Opportunity

The diverse spectrum of online education demanded in the market not only covers traditional academic topics but also branches out into niche hobbies, special skills, and advanced professional courses. This breadth in subject matter means that category expansion potential is virtually unlimited, and a motivated buyer can introduce something for just about everyone, appealing to countless interests, professional needs, or casual curiosities. As a result, this acquisition opportunity offers a stable, cash-flowing enterprise that can act as a launchpad for meteoric expansion.

However, it’s more than just the spectrum of subjects that makes these and other online courses so enticing. It’s their reach. No longer bound by geographical limitations, someone on another continent can easily access training from an instructor or institution based in the US, for example. This democratization and globalization of education have opened doors for students and introduced a new level of competition, nudging traditional education providers to up their online offerings. The cost-effective nature of the courses offered by this business, at an average order value of $30, means that they are accessible to a vast audience that may not be able to afford traditional education financially or in terms of time commitment.

Marketing Strategy & Operations

The existing digital marketing strategy comprises some content and advertising on YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Udemy, driving 20,000 monthly clicks. Most of these visitors are professionals working in the industry who want to learn a new technology or need a review on content they have learned in the past. Many computer science students also take the courses to supplement their college learning material.

A buyer with digital marketing expertise could dramatically boost visibility to this audience to boost the top and bottom lines.

Sales remain consistent throughout the year, with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s typically proving blockbusters.

Two affordable full-time employees based in India handle most day-to-day operations, enabling the owner to work only three hours weekly on the business. His primary tasks include overseeing sales and researching the industry.

Future & Transition

Online courses have increasingly become the go-to medium for those looking to upskill, reskill, or indulge in a new hobby. The world recognized that to stay relevant, particularly in an ever-evolving job market, continuous learning wasn’t a luxury but a necessity. It is clear now that the metamorphosis of online education isn’t just a trend; it’s a testament to how the world learns, develops, and adapts in the face of change.

As a result, an entrepreneur with people management skills will enjoy continued success and profitability without the need to commit significant resources to the business. At the same time, one motivated to scale the company couldn’t ask for a better stage. While the core employee will remain with the business post-acquisition and can handle most tasks, including researching new course topics, the existing owner will assist a buyer with vetting the most adept candidates among the thousands of competent online instructors. He has developed detailed SOPs that can be followed and possesses a keen eye for detail as to what works. Furthermore, he will dedicate five hours weekly to the business for up to a year to ensure a seamless transition.

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