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eLearning & eCommerce Solutions Provider for the DropShip Industry – Subscription Based – 800 Active Subs – Active TikTok Presence

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Website Closers® presents a dynamic eLearning, Subscription Based Business that equips clients with all the tools necessary to build a career as an eCommerce Entrepreneur of Drop Shipped products. They specialize in providing online courses to teach subscribers how to build a carrier in DropShipping, Access to Thousands of Products, a Product Research Team, and Additional Resources to help the user be successful without having to play a guessing game.  The business acts as a “home base” for everything related to DropShipping, providing services for anyone, regardless of experience.

The pandemic spurred a global movement, increasing awareness of online shopping, especially among consumers. This led to a growing interest in remote work and supplementary income generation. Therefore, the desire to venture into eCommerce entrepreneurship surged. However, many of those attracted to this idea lack industry expertise.

The founder of this company astutely recognized the rising demand and online fascination with DropShipping due to its appeal as a feasible path to financial independence for individuals of all income demographics. Subsequently, the business was established. Unlike many competitors who provide tools to launch online stores but leave clients overwhelmed with maintenance complexities, this brand offers comprehensive support at every stage of the eCommerce journey, simultaneously monetizing these steps.

Initially, the sole offering was a developed Shopify store prototype, complete with carefully selected products that users could immediately start selling through DropShipping. Over time, management evolved to provide a solution that serves as a true “one-stop-shop” for eCommerce education and resources.

Revenue Streams

For a monthly fee of $19, customers gain access to a selection of pre-built Shopify store templates, offering a range of customization options in various niches and color schemes. These stores are thoughtfully equipped with winning product ideas and seamlessly integrated with a fulfillment provider capable of private labeling and automatically processing customer orders. In addition, the team introduces 12 new trending and high-demand products each week, recommended to subscribers for inclusion on their websites. As an affiliate of the provider, the company earns a commission for each of its subscribers.

Members also enjoy exclusive access to a portal featuring a wide array of video courses delivered by successful DropShippers. These courses cover a broad spectrum of topics, from optimizing Shopify stores to implementing organic website traffic strategies through TikTok marketing. This supplementary material serves as an additional source of income for the company.

A substantial portion of monthly revenue is derived from commissions offered by Shopify itself. The multinational eCommerce giant provides attractive rebates for every customer who signs up for a paid plan through the company’s affiliate link. Furthermore, the company earns commissions for various other services required by customers to launch their businesses, such as AI-powered logo apps, thus diversifying its income streams. Sales remain strong, unaffected by seasonal fluctuations, and have consistently demonstrated growth.

Expanding this portfolio of affiliate services offered to customers presents a viable opportunity for immediate growth, requiring minimal cost and effort.

Notably, management is currently finalizing a comprehensive automation package designed to handle tasks such as product landing page creation, product ad testing, and complete ad management for clients. This service is set to launch at a starting rate of $997 per month, with all necessary systems already in place as the business prepares to roll out the corresponding funnels.

Marketing & Customer Base

Traffic is currently driven by paid TikTok advertising, strategically targeting individuals interested in topics like DropShipping, eCommerce, Shopify, reselling, and entrepreneurship. The team has also begun to explore and expand its presence on Facebook, with plans to scale operations on the platform further. Substantial untapped potential lies in user-generated content across all platforms, particularly on YouTube. Investing in SEO and Google Ads will likely yield highly lucrative results.

The typical customer profile consists of individuals already familiar with DropShipping, often through exposure to related content on their social media feeds. However, they may be uncertain about initiating their own venture or perceive the prospect of starting a business as unattainable. Others have previously attempted DropShipping but did not experience immediate success, leading them to abandon their efforts. In essence, prospective clients encompass individuals dissatisfied with their current financial situation and those who possess funds they are eager to invest in launching their own business.

Operations & Transition

The business generates healthy profits and cash flow, necessitating minimal working capital from a potential buyer to maintain its current positive trajectory. Key expenses predominantly revolve around social media advertising, website and backend hosting, and contractor fees.

Remarkably, the owner dedicates only 7 hours weekly to the company, given the streamlined systems that have been implemented. His responsibilities primarily include brief daily check-ins and weekly meetings with the contractor team through Slack and Zoom, as well as periodic monitoring of advertising metrics. Additionally, he is currently designing the funnels for the high-ticket upcoming subscription, although this task could be readily outsourced. Furthermore, the owner plays a role in selecting the “winning” products to offer customers each week, but procedures are in motion to have this automated.

Notably, the company operates without any full-time employees. Instead, an agency handles all aspects related to virtual assistants, social media marketing, and email and SMS communication flows.

Given the highly automated and systematized nature of operations and the proficient team of contractors already in place, few specialized skills are demanded of a buyer. Basic knowledge of Shopify and TikTok advertising is essentially all that is required to seamlessly transition into a management role and enjoy ongoing success and impressive growth.

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Asking Price
$ 900,000
Cash Flow
$ 276,485
Gross Income
$ 419,687
Year Established

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