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eLearning SaaS Business in eCommerce Tools, Education & Training – Strong Monthly Recurring Revenue


Website Closers® presents an eLearning SaaS Business that has become a leader in various forms of online education and training tools for those looking to succeed in the world of eCommerce Retail. eLearning has become a leading tool in all forms of education and training, and with monthly recurring revenue via SaaS in place to help alleviate risk, this business is well positioned for an entrepreneur suitor interesting in the Online Training Industry to take a solid foundation and build upon it, either horizontally or vertically.

Starting their business well before the pandemic struck (which more fully developed the world of eLearning across many categories), this 5-year seasoned company has become a reliable revenue generation machine that leverages its custom-built Software as a Service platform to help entrepreneurs succeed and avoid the obstacles that plague traditional online businesses.

90% of sales generate from various SaaS offerings that are recurring in nature (Monthly Recurring Revenue), and the balance of sales come from Consulting & Training. This company is focused on helping eCommerce Retailers thrive through the sale of books online. This business takes eCommerce education and training and combines it with software and community collaboration to create a dynamic business model. From sales calls to seminars and group meetings, the target works to give entrepreneurial-minded people from all walks of life the tools they need to work from home using eCommerce as their tool. This offering has achieved an average order value of $4,000 across 3 service offerings.

Training small business owners from any device, anywhere in the world, this company helps future business owners create a profitable eCommerce storefront selling used books. Leveraging their own training videos and services, this business instructs their clients on building every detail of their company to maximize returns. Taking their own advice, this company has seen jaw-dropping revenues both for themselves and for their clients, even creating awards for their top performing partners which can be seen on their website.

Whether a new owner would like to extend services, create offerings in other eCommerce verticals such as home goods or technologies, or grow their own book marketplace, the sky is truly the limit with an innovative acquisition like this one. Currently responsible for payroll, sales tracking, and high-level support solutions, the owner of this company spends an average of 5 hours each week on maintaining this business and 20 hours on new software development. Additionally, this company works with a multitude of contractors for software development, customer support, and advertising strategy to effectively run and grow this lucrative offering.

With a few solutions in the pipeline already, this software company is ready to scale and the current owners are effectively setting up the buyer for lasting success. Additional paths to success for this company include a credit repair service, software development for Amazon FBA preparation and inventory tracking, and a lending service for clients to jumpstart their own offerings. With so much potential on the horizon, this business is ready for a business-minded buyer to take the reins. And now that a system has been created, adding additional categories beyond books is easy, low hanging fruit … and if a buyer had experience in eCommerce in those other categories, such synergies would be highly beneficial to taking a highly successful business and scaling accordingly.

This brand has developed a strong digital community of likeminded business owners looking to learn and grow professionally. From their email database of more than 100,000 active contacts to their diverse social media following, this company has a vast network of connections that lend itself well to both consumer base growth and industry leadership. Building on this, creating thorough blogs, guest posts, and even guest speaker events could be exciting and innovative ways to grow this brand as well as develop an industry reputation of integrity and expertise.

This cutting-edge acquisition is a rare combination of technology, communication, and client enthusiast education that brings with it limitless potential. With opportunities in every direction, this dynamic offering leverages unique software, services, and expertise to define their own success by helping others achieve theirs. Their track record speaks for itself with many of their clients growing into 5, 6 and 7 figure sellers. Demanding minimal ownership involvement while delivering amazing results, this is an amazing opportunity for any type of buyer.

This Software Company Represented by:

Technology & Internet M&A

Listing ID: WC2348

Asking Price
$ 22,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,672,475
Gross Income
$ 7,656,853
Year Established