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Fully Automated Website Development Service Platform – Growing Customer Base – Strong Margins


This opportunity is a fully automated website deployment service that crafts a perfectly tailored affiliate marketing website to meet its ad network compliance requirements. This fast and secure service constructs an affiliate marketing website by combining designs, function, and themes from dozens of sources. Leveraging the experience of affiliate marketers FOR affiliates, this company leverages the latest technologies and simplicity to ensure that the rapidly deployed site will be fully compliant for Facebook, Google and other major networks. This company offers a one-of-a-kind, proprietary web creation and deployment process that is easy to use and scale. With compliance efforts from major networks increasing every day, small and medium sized affiliate businesses must react and comply quickly in order to effectively generate affiliate sales.

This service streamlines web creation and launch to help affiliates thrive. Carrying a high profit margin and little to no maintenance needs, this digital company is a breeze to run and even more impactful to scale. Some great opportunities for scale include networking with affiliate networks and other affiliate focused B2B service companies, attending or exhibiting at Affiliate Conferences, LinkedIn, and Facebook advertising (the seller can provide an advertising campaign used to launch the service).

Along with this business’ tiered system of fees, the company has an average order rate of $1,000 to $1,500 per customer ticket, while some of the larger clients are closer to $10,000. Currently, this business has 65 active customers and 350 registered members, a number that is only growing with each passing day. As an organically growing business, this opportunity uses little marketing and social media to gain consumers, which leaves incredible branding and scaling opportunities across the digital marketplace.

When working with this company, the customer simply selects a desired tiered package to meet their needs, specifies the details as to the nature of their website and its needs, and within minutes, proprietary application software selects and purchases domains, handles everything from DNS configuration to SSL implementation, and most importantly, crafts and launches a WordPress-based site all at the push of a button. In- house staff review and QC the produced website and make minor edits. This allows clients alike to avoid much of the normally crippling drudgery of site development, launch task management and process management – ownership of this business and their clients are free to focus on what matters most – scaling their businesses.

With an almost entirely automated system, this service allows the current ownership to maintain profits with minimal effort. Spending less than 5 hours weekly, this company requires no physical office space and extraordinarily little specialized knowledge. At the moment, there is an on-demand contractor labor resource for final QA and platform upkeep who ensures that the system is running smoothly. This hands-off framework means that any interested new owner should be able to easily pick up the reins and bring this company to the next level.

This unique offering sets itself a part through its highly automated process which no other website development service can claim, they also have larger margins than any of their direct competitors thanks to their lack of overhead costs stemming from its remote operations and few labor needs. With incredible profits and even more impressive opportunities on the horizon, this company is an impactful investment for an innovative buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2082

Asking Price
$ 600,000
Cash Flow
$ 222,374
Gross Income
$ 270,490
Year Established

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