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10 Year Internet Business in the Industry of Online Psychic Readings - 18,000 Active User Accounts - 250 Psychics in Network - Recent $200,000 Platform Upgrade!


Website Closers® is pleased to offer a dominant, ethical, and trusted force in the sector of online self-help and advice, specializing in the industry of Psychic Readings. This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a “turn-key”, highly profitable, 24/7, 365 day per year income generating, “gig economy” format business, with zero working capital requirements.

The Buyer will acquire a powerful, advanced, state of the art telecommunication platform that has provided emotional support, comfort, and direction for over a million clients within the past 10 years of operation.

NOTE: It is important to understand that the Company does not provide Psychic Readings. The site is a technology platform designed to connect consumers of psychic readings to the providers of that service.

Clients of the website can select from four ways to communicate with their Psychic Advisor:

● Phone
● Chat
● Message
● Text

The Company’s clients most commonly seek the guidance of a psychic advisor regarding questions of love and relationships. However, any question or topic may be asked during their psychic reading. Other common topics include, but are not limited to: Career, Financial, Family, Destiny, and Mediumship. Payments for services are made in advance by clients preloading their online account via credit card.

The evergreen aspect and longevity of a company such as this cannot be disputed. Psychic readings have dated back to ancient times, originally founded in astrology. Seers, prophets, and clairvoyants served a functionary role in early civilization. The role of these individuals clearly continues today, and will forever appeal to a solid segment of society that seeks reassurance and spiritual guidance from Psychic Advisors. This can be no more clearly demonstrated than by the year over year results of the Company.

Currently, the Company has approximately 250, independent contractor classified Psychic Advisors. All Psychic Advisors are considered independent contractors by federal employment laws, as they are categorized as entertainers. Psychic advisors are paid a percentage of services sold. This provides for margins (before operation costs of) 73% – 78%.

The Company is a highly automated and advanced application requiring only four full time remote employees to operate (including live customer service). Employees cover the day-to-day tasks such as:

● Member Care (live customer service)
● Screening of psychic applicants
● Social media management
● Payroll and fraud prevention

The company receives about 125 inbound customer calls per day, all of which are managed by the four full time remote employees.

All members of the organization, from corporate management, to employees, to independent contractors (Psychic Advisors), and all technical support team members work remotely with no required centralized location. The business is 100% service-based with no debt, no payables, and no working capital requirements. The company comes complete with four, dedicated, full time employees that are 100% remote. This allows the company to operate 100% virtual and transferable to any buyer anywhere in the world.

The employees consist of a General Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations, a payroll and risk management coordinator, and two other team members to oversee contractor onboarding, customer service, and quality control.

Though the company provides services 24/7 and 365 days a year, executive oversight is minimal. The executives primarily oversee website maintenance, marketing concepts, employee payroll, and address any issues elevated by the General Manager.

The online platform recently completed a ground up website redesign and new mobile app. The massive 3+ year development upgrade allows the new owner to enjoy a fully upgraded, automated system, ready for the future of online psychic readings. The Company re-investment of over $200,000 includes a completely modernized, state of the art 5X portal technology.

● 1X: Website Member Portal
● 2X: IOS and Android App Member Portal
● 3X: Employee Admin Portal
● 4X: Psychic Advisor Admin Portal
● 5X: Developer Admin Portal

In addition, the Company also offers:

● Horoscopes via SMS – A free service and remarketing strategy of the Company is daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes. In addition, users can subscribe to have their personal horoscope texted to them each day.
● Zodiac Love Compatibility Tool – A free service and remarketing strategy of the Company is their Zodiac Love Compatibility Tool. Here users can select the sign of themselves and their partner and connect to 144 articles of advice.
● Psychic Blogs – A free service and remarketing strategy of the Company is their Psychic Blog, containing 100’s of self-help and inspirational articles.

Currently, the business serves the US and Canadian markets, but expansion to other counties/markets can be quickly scaled. In addition, other scale opportunities are defined as multiple, high value, provided URLs where the existing telecommunication platform could be duplicated and rebranded for additional psychic guidance websites, to quickly increase market share.

Alternatively, the platform could also be used to launch similar “advice based” online services. For example: An expansion site could host an “expert” in any field, where the user could seek consultation: lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, mechanics, electronic technicians, computer technicians, tax accountants, plumbers, electricians, and more.

After ten years of development, marketing, and steady reinvestment, the executives are ready to offer their company to new owners and transition to enjoy the financial success their creation has provided. We look forward to discussing this amazing opportunity with you!


This Internet Company is Represented by:

Website Closers
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Listing ID: WC2522

Asking Price
$ 5,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,304,166
Gross Income
$ 2,761,169
Year Established

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