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Jewelry eCommerce Brand | 51% Repeat Customer Rate | Large Online Influencer Following | $415 LTV | $80 Average Order Value

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Website Closers® presents a golden acquisition in the jewelry market that specializes in a wide range of vintage-inspired earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Their products are highly popular due to their exclusive classical designs, fantastic quality, and beautiful look, winning them a consumer base that includes style bloggers, creative influencers, celebrity stylists, and even celebrities themselves.

Their 800 SKUs can be found featured in Vogue and multiple gift guides, in the wardrobes of celebrities like Fantasia Barrino, Allegra Edwards, Renee Rapp, Katy Perry and many others, and sold in boutiques and department stores such as Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, and Henri Bendel. They have also appeared on multiple television shows, and even have a 13-year-strong relationship with a National Morning Show, with deal segments with them having driven as much as $180,000 in sales in a 72-hour timeframe: something that gives them a significant edge over competitors in their niche.

Rather than relying on a single manufacturer for their product production, the company sources their SKUs from a strong network of manufacturers based around the world. Some of these suppliers can be found in New York City and Rhode Island for domestic production, while a consultant works with the owner to have designs produced in China, Thailand, India, and Kora. They have also established direct relationships with manufacturers that provide the brand with valuable private label products, adding to the unique nature of what they have to offer.

The brand keeps their working capital requirements low, with inventory orders being placed after customers make a purchase. These products then arrive within a few days, and are promptly shipped out. For larger online sales events like television appearances, the company stocks all their products in advance to better meet demand, as pieces tend to sell out quickly.

The company sees consistently strong sales throughout the year, but as one might expect from their industry, their sales see a peak around the holidays. Their average consumer is a 35 year or older woman who responds well to promotion, is satisfied with her first purchase, and later returns to the brand to buy new pieces for her collection. As the brand’s products are shipped exclusively within the US and Canada, all their customers can be found in the North American region.

One of the ways that this company has shown themselves to be a diamond in the rough is their immense organic advertising flow. They gain many of their customers through referrals and celebrities, and their regular, coveted, and incredibly profitable collaborations with two major networks. The segments that these networks run lead to the brand’s pieces being showcased to nearly 3 million viewers whenever they go on air, leading to their sales skyrocketing and a reach of 48 million monthly unique visitors online. These tactics, combined with the shining quality of their products, have led to over 15,000 subscribers in their email database, a $415 Customer Lifetime Value, a $80 Average Order Value, and an impressive 51% Repeat Customer Rate.

The brand works with three prominent affiliate networks, who earn a 15% commission for sales made on the website. As the current owner hasn’t had the opportunity to drive affiliate traffic elsewhere, doing so would be a great strategy for the buyer to take. The show has earned over $40,000 in sales in one month alone through the affiliate program.

The company has worked with their PR firm for 13 years now, which is one of only two firms that the show will work with on their deal segments. These segment collaborations work on an affiliate basis, giving them a 15% share of the total revenue earned for promoting the brand’s products. From there, the PR firm takes a 10% commission as well.

The firm is responsible for the brand’s influencer marketing, which involves them gifting products to influencers in exchange for promotional posts. The brand holds gifting suites or these influencers in New York and Los Angeles during certain times of the year, and as these products have a great appeal among influencers, the brand has grown to be the most popular client for the firm.

That isn’t all the firm does for the brand, however. The company has recently overhauled their Instagram page and profile, with the firm being placed in charge of updating and maintaining the account. This, along with updates being made to their online press and celeb pages on their website, have polished the brand and significantly enhanced their Public Relations efforts.

The current owner works full-time running the business, with her main responsibilities consisting of email marketing, social media, photography, graphic design, website maintenance, merchandising, product design and development, inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service. Though the company doesn’t employ any employees outside of the owner, they do use third-party suppliers for their jewelry production.

The company has already taken massive strides within the last 3 months alone to bolster their brand, such as sending a stylist kit of jewelry to be included when an actress goes on a press tour for a major upcoming movie, securing 2024 spring feature articles to promote and display their products in multiple publications, and providing showroom samples in preparation for what will likely be a busy awards/awards parties season. They will also be doing more deal segments across the NBC Universal/Comcast properties, have scheduled deals on Access Hollywood and other properties.

The brand has begun resigning a network of wholesaler retail sellers that include major well-known jewelry stores around the US, and will soon launch their new presence on the marketplace to reach and sell to the independent wholesale online marketplace. Additionally, as their products have been worn by David Archuleta, they have opportunities to expand into the men’s market for an even larger potential consumer base.

This glamorous grab is great for a buyer who knows their way around marketing. By expanding the brand’s social media presence, focusing efforts into paid marketing and SSL, and continuing to work with the PR firm to boost press, celebrity, and influencer opportunities, they can show themselves as the gem they truly are to the world.

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WC 3282

Asking Price
$ 395,000
Cash Flow
$ 136,847
Gross Income
$ 206,131
Year Established

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