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Nationwide Staffing Solutions Provider – 80% Repeat Customer Contracts – $4,000 Average Contract Value – Consistent YOY Growth – High Word of Mouth Referrals


Website Closers® presents a staffing and job recruitment agency that has developed a stellar reputation amongst employers in several recession-proof industries, while also maintaining a highly professional reputation among job applicants. After eight years of successfully matching applicants and businesses in numerous states, this company is poised for a significant expansion since the unemployment level in the U.S. remains at 50-year lows and job recruiters now have increasingly sophisticated tools to perfect their services.

The company’s success rate is fully demonstrated by the fact that 80% of the clients stay on long-term and keep using their services for ongoing recruiting needs. Created just under a decade ago to solve the needs of small businesses, the company has become known as a no-frills recruiter that provides fast service at reasonable rates – exactly what their clients are looking for as they seek to bring on new hires in this competitive job market.

Because of their success, the company is able to service a wide range of industries, with 3 of the most prominent being the fields of Mental Health Services, Private Schooling and Education, and Property Management Firms, which are all fast-growing high-demand verticals that continuously need new employees to meet their growth.

The job recruiting industry is in a transition period, with advanced technology enabling recruiters to find quality applicants through social media sites, podcasts, and online videos, while the use of recruiter hashtags helps applicants find them more easily.

The business’ success rate has been so strong that the company has not had to maintain an advertising budget and has been able to effectively rely on word-ofmouth advertising from satisfied clients to continue growing at an impressive rate. Sales were up 45% in 2022 over 2021. There are enormous scale opportunities available, particularly if they do begin advertising their website and services more aggressively through advanced digital marketing channels.

Launched in 2015 to solve small business staffing needs, the company has been able to develop an impressive track record for lighting fast speed in filling jobs, usually within 30 days or less. That, along with setting their pricing suitable for small businesses (approximately 3-4 weeks of the open position salary) and commitment to customer service, has given the brand a glowing reputation within the industry.

Their revenue is generated entirely from pay-for-performance recruiting fees that are paid after the placed employee has worked for the client for at least 30 days. The company maintains hundreds of contracts that range in value from $3,000 to $5,000+, divided amongst 100+ current clients, limiting customer concentration risks.

Their success rate in filling a contract is a sky-high at 85-90%. Several of their clients have been with the company for years and constantly submit new orders for applicants.

Over the years, the company’s reputation for excellence has cut across multiple industries. About 40% of their business comes from the mental health industry, followed by private schools at 20%, and property management agencies around 10%, and they have been expanding into new fields that include aerospace, plumbing, retail, printing, finance, accounting and tech industries.

Since these are very fast-growing industries (the mental health market alone is valued at $201 billion) there is projected to be a steady staffing demand for this company’s services for years to come.

While this is a national agency, most of their clients have been located in Arizona, California, New Jersey and New York. Two of the strongest scale opportunities for this business would be to start marketing to new and larger industries and to begin marketing their services nationwide. The expansion into new industries and new states would be a significant growth opportunity for them.

There are also growth opportunities by increasing the size of their staff. The company now has a team of only two full-time employees, three part-time employees, and one outsourced contractor, and together, they are managing anywhere from 50 to 100 contracts at any given time. By bringing on new recruiters, the number of contracts they manage could sharply increase right away.

Referrals have been driving most of the company’s success, with both business clients and successful job applicants happy to sing their praises. As with many other job recruiters today, this company has also enjoyed success using the social media platforms Instagram and LinkedIn to connect with clients and job seekers.

Those sites and the online job board Indeed have become key to expanding their customer base, with Indeed becoming a strong source for positive online reviews from applicants.

The company could easily expand onto additional social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter to boost their growth or take full advantage of the 100,000+ subscribing candidates in their email database to boost interest in their services and number of positive reviews

The current ownership is agreeable to remaining with the company after the acquisition to help ensure a smooth transition and continued growth for the new owner. Since the current owner only works as little as 16 hours per week and has a team in place to manage daily operations, a new owner could focus entirely on scaling this business or maintaining and building on existing client relationships.

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$ 4,800,000
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$ 1,281,421
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$ 1,699,831
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