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Online Conservative News Publisher with 4 Million Newsletter Subscribers and all In-House Curated Content – 7.4 Million Monthly Page Views – 19% YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents an Online News Publisher in the Conservative News Vertical that has expertly demonstrated just how successful online news media sites can become. This business is continuing to grow in 2021 at a 19% YOY clip over last year despite the fact that 2020 was a year full of politics, an election, geopolitical implications, and a country that has become divided by its political fissures and socio-economic disparities. While many traditional print newspapers have struggled to make the transition from print to online, this Multimedia Conservative Publication has become a source of information for Republicans and Conservatives alike to get daily information about the conservative movement right in their inbox, daily – and all from content curated in-house by this company.

And since Facebook, Twitter and Google have limited the ability for publishers and content providers to target audiences with political content, this company is even more valuable given that it doesn’t rely on social media or mainstream outlets to get the word out – it uses a systematic approach to Email Newsletters via its 4 Million Subscribers, which both protects it from rules made by other media companies, but also insulates it from the ups and downs of algorithm changes, rising CPC costs, and more. This same system can be repeated in virtually any industry – the current owner simply started with the conservative movement. The publications operated by this venture have more than 1.7 million conservative readers, which translates to a tremendous 7.4 million monthly page views. Those numbers are impressive for advertisers wanting to reach a particular demographic – they have eagerly purchased display and native ads on the company’s news articles, websites and newsletters and continue to do so now in 2021 with increasing YOY sales. The company earns significant profits every month with relatively low overhead. For a buyer, this means inheriting a news site with a hefty national audience and the advertising revenue to match.

To put this industry into some perspective, going online has created significant opportunities for newspapers, including the ability to post breaking news instantly, and to connect with viewers through podcasts as well as video news coverage. The cost of operating an online news site is minimal compared to running print newspapers, giving these sites opportunities to maximize ad revenue or from subscriptions to their site. With so many online news sources popping up, not all articles published online get the same amount of attention, and a key factor determining a site’s popularity is how often an article gets shared on social media. In the age of social media, sites such as Facebook and Twitter can play a significant role in an online news site’s growth. This brand found its audience by marketing itself as a political news site with a conservative perspective, and now has 10 content sites that cater to viewers in the 55+ age range. There are quite a few of them: The company’s email database alone has a phenomenal 3.7 million subscribers.

When launching these news sites, the company deliberately decided to appeal to this older demographic, since they tend to be highly engaged and passionate about politics. More importantly, the 55+ audience has higher levels of disposable income compared to other groups. That’s the kind of demographic that advertisers are eager to reach. For example, it’s well known that readers in the 55+ age category are making more purchases on health-related products than younger age groups, so these news sites are ideal for any advertiser marketing health products. This company has been able to demonstrate to its advertisers that they have an engaged and loyal audience of millions who trust their brand when it comes to delivering news content, which has helped convince advertisers to purchase ads on their site. Today, 100% of their content is unique and created exclusively by the company’s in-house team of writers.

On-site display advertising with AdSense makes up 28% of their gross revenue, with another 28% from display advertising in their email newsletters sent out to subscribers. An additional 15% of gross revenue comes from native ads. Their email list has become their top source for driving traffic and sales. In addition to getting subscribers to click on articles linked in their emails, the company generates revenue by selling dedicated emails, or advertisements sent to their audience under their brand name as a sponsorship.

They also have 5-6 ad placements on each news article posted across 10 sites, usually one at the top of the article, a second one in the middle, and a third one at the story’s conclusion. There are also ads placed as a sidebar to the article and a native ad in the footer at the bottom of the page. Their readers eagerly await their email newsletter. On five of their content-only sites, two content emails are sent out daily. On their 5 sites that mix content with promotions, they send out 2 emails and a morning promo. As far as marketing their sites, the brand has relied on Google Displays Ads, which have proven to be the most cost effective at driving traffic and expanding readership.

The business is fully automated, with tasks for the owner that rarely exceed 1-2 hours per week. Daily tasks are handled by an experienced team that includes a brand manager who handles content emails, a tracking specialist, a content manager who oversees the posting and display of each article, and three content writers. This team is available to stay on board post-acquisition, but more importantly so is the company’s founder, who would prefer to stay on as a consultant to ensure the new owner thrives and successfully grows the business.

This company hasn’t come anywhere close to hitting the ceiling of this successful business model, and there are a number of exciting scale opportunities available to this one. With a steady stream of dedicated web traffic, plenty of brand loyalty to spare, and a high engagement rate for their quality content, the company should continue to bring in higher and higher revenues from new leads. As more prospective advertisers see the company’s numbers – 1.7 million web users, 7.4 million monthly page views, 26% average open rate on their email links – it will become obvious what a wise investment it is to advertise on their site or in their newsletters. For a buyer, that means increase the marketing budget to attract more readers will in turn attract more advertisers.

The brand could move in the same direction as many other online news sites and offer a premium content model, offering pricing tiers for access to premium, ad-free content, along with perks such as the ability to comment on posts. Other news sites have done exceptionally well on the premium subscriber model. The brand could boost traffic organically by taking advantage of both social media and SEO. Daily postings on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or posting video content on YouTube and TikTok, could help expand this company’s audience significantly and drive a considerable amount of new traffic to their 10 sites.

The same is true by optimizing their websites for SEO keywords, which would have the advantage of enabling each site to rank higher in search engines.

Online news sites, including the ones offering political content, face the same stiff competition as a retailer who decides to sell shoes, soap or books. The way to judge the effectiveness of an online news site is how well they attract viewers, and how efficiently they translate that into ad revenue. This brand has soared at accomplishing both, and in a relatively short period of time. Today, as millions of Americans continue to seek out political news coverage and make it a part of their daily lives, news sites with a track record of finding loyal readers in key demographic groups that appeal to advertisers are guaranteed to grow and mature. Few expect the American appetite for political coverage to dim anytime soon.

This company, with 10 news sites and a team of writers giving their readers the kind of content they want, is exceptionally well positioned for a rapid growth curve. Since political news sites remain among the most popular today, this company has a strong future and is guaranteed to keep expanding.  A lucky buyer has several effective ways to put that growth into overdrive.

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