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Renowned Online Reputation Management Firm | Surging Growth over LTM | $5.2M 2024 Projections | $6,200 AOV | B2C & DTC Revenue Streams | 31% Repeat Business

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Website Closers® presents an established 9-year-old veteran in their industry and a leading provider of comprehensive Online Reputation Management (ORM) Solutions in the United States. Since they were founded in 2015, they have grown to collaborate with companies and clients of all sizes to improve their search result appearance, eradicate unfavorable content, and proactively monitor online stature for continued success.

The digital age has brought with it many marvels, but unfortunately, one of the risks companies must contend with is their online presence, which can make and break opportunities. ORM acts as a valuable shield against false information, negative reviews, and damaging content, allowing business owners to maintain trust and credibility. As deepfakes, shallowfakes, manipulated videos and images become a larger and more prominent threat through the upcoming years, Reputation Management firms will likely see an upsurge in demand in response.

Additionally, the industry cultivates a culture centered around accountability, promotes ethical online behavior, and ensures that authentic and reputable news prevails. As the digital age flourishes and technology continues to march on, this market acts as a valuable protector of integrity.

The Business

The business provides an industry exclusive ORM guarantee, crafting tailored deliverables for each client’s unique requirements. These meticulously tailored services have given them a fantastic reputation, drawing in buyers eager to have their needs properly met. Their 31% Repeat Order Rate shows just how satisfied these clients find themselves after working with the company.

They have numerous noteworthy accolades under their belt, including recognition as the Best Online Reputation Management Agency for 2022, a place among the Top 1,000 Global Companies, and a position as one of the Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in the United States for the fifth consecutive year.

The company boasts an Average Order Value of $6,200 and a revenue mix diversified across 65% from individuals and 35% from businesses.

The current owners have cleverly incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to significantly cut back on operating expenses in the past 12 months, bolstering their bottom-line growth.


The company offers 3 core services: Online Reputation Management, Review Management, and Content Removal.

Their Online Reputation Management service covers a diverse range of SEO techniques to enhance online assets, such as websites and social media accounts. This also covers the creation, activity, and continuous monitoring of these assets, complemented by additional components like blogs, guest posts, featured articles, and press releases. The price for these services ranges from $6,000 to $16,000 for short-term campaigns lasting 3 to 6 months, $15,000 to $39,000 annually for an individual campaign, or $24,000 to $50,000 for a business campaign.

Review Management involves the consultation or management of various business review platforms, including Google Business Profiles. The price for these services begins at $6,000 for a do-it-yourself campaign and $12,000 for a done-for-you campaign for a single location.

Last but not least, Content Removal eliminates or de-indexes undesirable content, including mugshots, background information, and privacy details.

Package deals and discounts are available for clients in need of multiple services, which includes bulk pricing for those requiring a substantial volume of repeatable services. All contract options are paid in advance weekly, monthly, or quarterly or via custom payment plans that include a setup fee.

Customer Acquisition

The company has created a client acquisition strategy that generates a healthy mix of organic, manual, paid, direct, and referral traffic through carefully selected tactics.

Keywords with high buying intent are prioritized for inbound traffic, with all currently active PPC keywords in campaigns exhibit a strong return on ad spend. The team has steadily shifted their reliance away from PPC to better prioritize organic traffic as they grow across the network of domains, which has reduced their advertising costs and, in turn, improved their margins.

This approach offers them about 50 inbound leads every day with high conversion rates thanks to structured analysis, presentation, negotiation, and closing process.

One of their departments begins this process with rigorous lead and deal cadence, after which another will present solutions to problems, negotiate sales, and secure payments. Finally, the client success team takes charge of the account through a meticulous customer assignment process.

While this is occurring, the outbound traffic strategy targets brands and individuals facing reputation management crises or negative news cycles. Business and personal information applications are leveraged to generate contact details, initiate outreach, and elucidate how the firm can be of assistance.


The brand’s average customer is typically either a company or an individual looking to improve their online reputation, with an average lifetime value of $7,110.

The current owner works full-time as the company’s CEO, with his primary responsibilities including recruiting, finances, marketing, and business development.

The brand’s day-to-day operations are skillfully handled by a workforce of 40 full-time employees led by a capable executive team. The presence and experience of this team will make it much easier for the buyers to work through the transition process, which will be made even smoother with the help of the current owner.

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WC 3265

Asking Price
$ 26,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,500,241
Gross Income
$ 15,000,014
Year Established

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