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SBA Pre-Approved Technology Business that provides Private Blog Network (PBN) Hosting, Backlink Sales, PBN Builds, Domain Acquisitions & Domain Sales – 88% Margins

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Website Closers® presents a leading Private Blog Network Service, also known as a PBN, with 7 additional service offerings. A PBN is a network of authoritative websites that are used to build backlinks for a single website. It’s a list of unrelated sites all linking to one central domain to pass link equity to it and improve its rankings. PBN Hosting is web hosting specifically designed to help SEO agencies safely and anonymously host a private blog network. By ensuring the domains in a link network cannot be tied together, one can safely link to a money site and enjoy higher rankings on Google.

The target platform is 100% custom-built and has no dependency on any 3rd parties. As a result, incredibly unique and powerful functionality has been added. The dashboard is connected to every website, unlike other PBN hosting providers, who simply return data from 3rd party providers in a custom display. From one simple screen, a user can install, remove or update plugins and/or perform a search and replace on one, some, or all websites they manage on the platform. The platform also has a similar link-management function where the user can manage links and anchors in bulk across all websites, making this a desired product for a wide number of users.

Most PBN providers remove so many footprints that they are creating footprints themselves. The app uses AI logic to assign nameservers, CDN banks, DNS services, and modified SSLs to ensure 100% footprint-free hosting, which is necessary to avoid flagging by search engines. In addition, it includes built-in features such as WordPress Automated Posting to allow those with large networks to schedule their blog posts from inside the platform, for example.

The platform was designed to target large and small customers who need quick access to their blog networks and easy tracking of outbound links. Large SEO companies and link sellers love the platform, as do small businesses just starting up. The functions save their clients hundreds of hours of manual work and spreadsheets. So, it’s not only practical but also time-saving, which is a massive advantage this platform offers its clients.

Another key selling point is that the software has been built translation-ready. French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages, for example, would give the app a unique edge, unavailable anywhere else in the world, and it would almost certainly bring an entirely new customer base and revenue stream. As a result, market domination would be an opportunity to go after, and capturing 90% of the entire market is not an unreasonable projection.

The typical customer varies but includes people with a more significant number of websites, many B2B customers, and SEO agencies with networks used for their customers. Most customers are business-related, while the remainder is made up of private individuals building affiliate sites for secondary income.

Another service the business offers is domain sales. The site has a built-in live database from a prominent provider. They are given a 20% commission on every sale with no VAT liability. The system is fully automated and ready to flourish with some marketing.

Backlink sales come from organic rankings, word of mouth, and existing customers of the hosting business. This has not been marketed in any way but could be. In fact, they just launched a new separate site for this included in the sale! But currently, 100% of sales are organic. Google AdWords is only used to protect the brand name to stop others from marketing against it. The company has only spent $1,000 on AdWords in two years. The tech stack for the hosting app is robust and custom-built in Django, a Python web framework.

Site backups are also built into the platform to protect client data, fully automated malware scanning, and a hardened firewall tuned for WordPress. As a result, the hosting is tremendously fast and enjoys nearly 100% uptime. Additionally, the platform deploys all client sites inside docker containers to isolate each customer’s site sets.

Many time-saving features and functions are built into the app, including SEO metrics, indexing checks, domain checkers, grouping features, and one-click restores. It’s a feature-packed app. This acts as a performance buffer with granular control and security for other users. Should one user’s sites be hacked or infected with malware, it is impossible to spill outside the containers and infect other users’ sites – which would generally be the case on shared hosting accounts. But with this company, they make it impossible without raising server costs. So, it’s a win for them and their users!

One excellent feature, for example, allows clients to create a blueprint of any site combination. The owner has designed a blueprint system that enables clients to generate any number of custom templates. These templates can include anything they need, like modified files, plugins, menu items, blog categories, banner positions, WordPress setting configurations, and a laundry list more. They can then select these templates to deploy instantly on newly added websites. This feature is precious, speeds up building new sites, and is unique in its niche.

As a unique selling point, this platform can be taken in so many different directions, in addition to the add-on revenue, it can generate. It’s perfect for all types of sectors. Not to mention that the business is highly profitable, with very low overheads. The company runs virtually on autopilot. All sold and associated services are quick and easy to do.

Without developing new features, this business can be run highly efficiently by one person, and it doesn’t take up more than five hours per week in its current format. So, scale opportunities are endless for a buyer with expertise in the niche.

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Asking Price
$ 1,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 361,354
Gross Income
$ 477,449
Year Established

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