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SBA Pre-Qualified Custom Print Wall Art eCommerce Brand – 22 Years in Business – Configurator in place for Customization – 99% Proprietary Products – 15,000+ 5 Star Reviews

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Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Approved eCommerce Brand that is a veteran in the Custom Art Niche, having painted a path to success throughout the 22 years since they made their start in the market. They specialize in the sale of personalized and framed art paintings and monogrammed wall art, giving their customers a lovely, customized touch to their walls, and giving them strong, stable sales and cash flow.

SBA Pre-Qualified

Given how long the company has been in business, as well as it’s current trending, we have run the financials by our lending partners and received a pre-qualification status of this deal through the Small Business Administration (SBA). With an SBA loan, a Qualified Buyer can buy the assets of this company with as little as 10% down, amortized over an entire decade. SBA loans tend to have the lowest interest rates in the market for business acquisitions. With 10 years to pay down debt service, buyers can achieve an ROI on their initial investment with 1-2 years.

The Company

99% of their product roster is copyrighted and proprietary, protecting their brand in the niche custom art category and reducing the competition that they face. They also have a custom developed configurator for their website and Walmart listings that make it possible for customers to personalize their pieces to their liking. This configurator lets them pick photos for each letter and background, making purchases of their topselling name art as exclusive as the customer wants them to be.

They offer over 100 unique personalized prints spread across thousands of individual SKUs and have more in development. They also have over 220 parent level products on Amazon. This lets this company cover a wide range of subjects and styles to appeal to a broader audience and gives their products a reputation for being great giftable items.

Most of their sales are custom art pieces made for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and Christmas, with these exclusive prints being personalized to include names and important dates for each customer.

Since their launch in 2000, the company has enjoyed significant growth, with their reputation for high quality products created in-house fueling their success. They initially started through wholesale by working with print catalog companies to DropShip their products, then, as they’ve grown, partnered with larger retailers such as Bass Pro, Walmart, and Kohls, as well as many others.

They’ve focused more on DTC sales throughout the past 7 years through their website, Amazon, and Etsy, and have recently incorporated Walmart’s online storefront to their online sales channels. The strength of their products, coupled with their appeal in the gift market, have given the brand over 15,000 5 Star reviews.

Their work on their DTC sales hasn’t detracted from the B2B side of their business, with the company continuing to create exclusive artwork for wholesalers. Some of these works are exclusive to individual wholesalers, while others are offered to numerous retailers. The brand then processes the orders, creates the products on demand, and ships to the customer within 2 business days.

Their Average Order Value for their DTC sales sits at $87.50, while their wholesale AOV is $29.20. Their nature as a gift-centric brand means that their B2B sales spike during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, the wedding season, and so on. Their retail customers also drive promotions and catalogs for their products, further boosting their sales.

Today, 49.8% of their sales are on Amazon, 34.5% are through the internet, and the rest are made through wholesale.


The brand primarily uses PPC and social media ads to generate traffic, which they supplement with an SEO program, content creation, and email marketing efforts. Their SEO campaign involves a blog run on their website, while their email marketing strategy utilizes the over 190,000 subscribers in their database- 95% of which have completed purchases from the company.

They test new products and designs with the help of their engaged customer base, and regularly make posts on social media featuring their art to help drive their organic traffic. These combined marketing efforts have led to over 150,000 monthly sessions during gifting seasons on both Amazon and their own website.

Their knowledge of how to reach both DTC and B2B customers means that they have a canvas rich with opportunity laid before them. These opportunities include utilizing bulk product wholesale requests from their retail partners rather than focusing mostly on personalization, updating their website to improve the customer experience, and expanding SKUs to include complementary products. The company is already working to incorporate all three of these strategies, putting them in a great position for a buyer to take over.

Human Resources

The company has a large team that manages much of the brand’s workload, consisting of a full-time creative lead, customer manager, customer service manager, warehouse manager, production manager and shipping supervisor. They receive up to 75 customer inquiries every day, and ship out 100 to 1,200 orders, depending on the season. To meet demand, they keep 4 to 6 months of inventory on hand at all times.

This acquisition is a work of art, having been painted over the two decades since they first came into play.

This Company is Represented by:

Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3237

Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 474,041
Gross Income
$ 3,900,200
Year Established

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