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SBA-PreQualified eCommerce Brand – DIY Home & Office Tests for Nicotine, THC & Alcohol Testing – Proprietary Tests & Accessories – Amazon, Website, eBay & Walmart Channels

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Website Closers® presents a Multi-Channel, SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand offering Proprietary Home & Office DIY Tests for Nicotine, THC and Alcohol. The company focuses on nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana-related tests and accessories for parents of teenagers, employers, governments and schools, and other test kits can be added over time.

Smoking and vaping among adolescents is an issue affecting families nationwide. Alcohol and substance abuse among teens remains an issue that testing can help identify and address. Students involved in extracurricular activities and subject to in-school drug testing reported less substance use than comparable students in schools without drug testing. One approach is for students and their parents to agree to test for drugs, tobacco, or alcohol randomly as a condition of participation in certain activities. Given the growth in access to drugs, alcohol and other substances in both adolescents and workers, there is no question that these test kits are needed and have a bright future as that access broadens.

All primary products for this Brand are manufactured exclusively for the Company by an Asian supplier with whom the owners have worked for 10+ years. 95% of sales are derived from the company’s own brand-name products. The 5% balance is from related products obtained from other companies. The business usually holds around $20,000 worth of inventory in its small office. In addition, it stocks ~ $100,000 at a California-based 3PL.

Amazon accounts for 75% of all revenue, with 22% coming from its Branded Website, and the remaining 3% from eBay and Walmart combined.

Top-selling products include combination urine tests for nicotine, THC, and alcohol, saliva nicotine-only tests, and urine nicotine-only tests. Supplementary products, such as Bluing tabs—used to prevent the adulteration of urine samples—are also highly popular.

The average order value on Amazon is $26 across 138 ASINs. That figure jumps to $50 across 75 products on the company website.

Sales are relatively consistent throughout the year, with peaks aligning with school programs. As a result, sales experience a slight lull during holiday periods. Thanksgiving through New Year tends to be slowest since parents are the primary purchasers and tend to buy less when kids spend more time under their supervision.

The typical customer is a 40-year-old mother of a teen worried about substance abuse. They are willing to pay a slight premium for a more accurate test kit.

Digital marketing efforts are minor, with a small budget on Google. Subsequently, there is ample opportunity to boost sales through various endeavors.

Since most of the company’s traffic and conversions stem from the Amazon Platform, a review of that Account is helpful. Most of their star reviews range from 4.5 – 5 Stars and they have thousands of product reviews in place. Showing 20 Parent SKUs and a wide variety of child variations most of their products are Prime, thus subject to Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) logistics. The products also rank quite well organically for industry leading keywords associated with each product sold.

The owner works only ten hours weekly on the business, focusing primarily on inventory management, the guidance of large orders, and supervision of packing and shipping staff. By putting in more time, a new owner can look to vastly expand the business given the fact that the foundation is already set to expand from here.

Part-time staff, working ten hours or fewer weekly, include a shipping clerk, packing clerk, and a piece- work packing clerk.

Orders are delivered from the company office and its 3PL. Generally, between three and four FBA shipments are made weekly from the 3PL. The small local warehouse fulfills Shopify orders but the owner is arranging for most website orders to be fulfilled by Amazon.

A key selling point of the business is that our lending partners at Website Closers have Pre-Approved this business for an SBA 7(a) Loan, which allows a Qualified Buyer to acquire the business for as little as 10% down with the SBA loan amortized over 10 years. As a result, surplus cash flow can be used for expansion or other pursuits while anew owner can enjoy a stable income and a faster return on the investment

Few special skills are required to run this highly systemized business, and a new owner can move into an operational role in short order. And with the SBA process in play, a buyer can be comforted by the fact that a bank and a 3rd party evaluation team is involved to ensure the business is up to their highly rigorous standards. A brief study of drugs and drug abuse and some knowledge of drug testing can be learned in a single day. eCommerce operations can be taught in 1-2 days. The current owner is highly motivated to assist a buyer with a seamless transition and ensure continued success and profitability.

This eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 247,000
Gross Income
$ 604,129
Year Established

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