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Scaling DTC eCommerce Brand offering Healthy Elixirs from Natural, Raw Products – 71% Repeat Order Rate – Massive YOY Sales Increase

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that operates in the online DTC space from its custom built website, selling custom, proprietary Elixir Formulations that promote health and wellbeing. This thriving brand manufactures and sells healthy elixirs made from natural raw products where Shikimic Acid is most prevalent, including White Pine Needles, Star Anise and Fennel Seeds. In the pharmaceutical industry, shikimic acid is used as a base material for the product of Tamiflu.

The product line is made exclusively by the brand for the brand, using organic extraction methods, and follow up testing for heavy metal content. The company sells through its Shopify-built website, with enormous expansion opportunities immediately available to sell on Amazon and additional secondary eCommerce platforms, given the excellent reviews and happy customers they receive on a regular basis.

The company’s 70% Repeat Customer Rate and $152 Average Order Value are testaments to the popularity and effectiveness of the products. With this kind of recurring revenue, the brand has proven that it is not only effective in the eyes of consumers, but something they need to continue to use going forward.

The Health & Wellness sector’s growth is explosive as more and more people realize the importance of healthy supplements in their diets. The industry has and will continue to be incredibly lucrative, which gives this company enormous growth opportunities moving forward, added to the fact that consumers are becoming far more health-conscious, prompted further by the coronavirus pandemic.

Raw materials for the products are sourced from sustainable US suppliers, and the brand concentrates on elixirs that enhance quality of life and contribute toward clean living. The potent elixirs are extracted from the highest quality raw ingredients available. The white pine needles, for example, are hand-harvested from rural Massachusetts and, shortly after arriving at the company’s brewery, are put through an herb grinder into a fine powder before processing. The organic Chinese star anise and fennel seed are obtained from the same reliable source. The brewers follow strict procedures of ultrasonic extraction using organic vodka and filtered water.

The business has built a strong reputation, having grown tremendously quickly on the simple basis of customer satisfaction. The brand has truly created a unique product in a popular niche. It attracts thousands of visitors to its website every month. This business comes with an ideal catalog of SKUs, with no drastic concentration of sales on any given item. Many more SKUs can be added, although getting the current products loaded up on Amazon should probably be step one for a new owner.

This business’s core product offerings include elixirs of fennel seed, black cumin seed, star anise, organic dandelion, and colloidal immune support. Most customers come across the brand’s products via podcast, word of mouth, or suggestions from the owner. Customers then seek the company out on the marketplace.

Logistics are first-rate, and management has fine-tuned operations. All products are made explicitly for the company with its formulas and designs, and everything is sold under the brand name. The company stocks 100% of its inventory and fulfills orders via USPS directly to customers. Roughly 50 shipments are sent daily.

The website, built on Shopify, is beautiful, clean, and full of well-shot product photos. As a result, it’s straightforward to navigate and incredibly user-friendly. In addition, the images clearly show the SKUs and their key benefits, making the USPs clear. There is immense opportunity for a new owner to scale the operation with mass retail. The brand hasn’t yet dipped its toes into the gargantuan wholesale market in this vertical; however, a focused campaign targeted toward health stores and possibly hiring reps could create an entirely new and colossal revenue stream. A buyer with an established sales network can take this company to new heights through this channel.

Tapping into digital advertising is an obvious next step, and affiliate marketing and additional sales channels can be implemented. For example, incorporating a blog with keyword research onto their Shopify-built website would help drive organic traffic to the site and enhance sales through internet searches.

Affiliate and influencer marketing are obvious next steps given the high AOV. Additionally, the company can begin an email marketing campaign to its growing 13,000+ database while growing it and keeping existing and potential customers constantly aware of specials, new products, and the brand in general.

Influencer marketing has been a game-changer in the health food and supplement niche. Many businesses use influencer marketing to reach new audiences and drive online traffic and sales. Influencers are paid or given products to post a piece of content and express a particular opinion about a brand or product. Partnering with influencers relevant to the niche helps brands increase reach by getting in front of a new audience they may not have reached otherwise. For example, this company
can work with public figures aligned with the brand’s values to skyrocket sales of existing products and catapult new product launches.

This brand’s niche lends itself extraordinarily well to influencer marketing on social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok. They should look to influencers and collaborations to build more awareness and loyalty. Subscription boxes are also an excellent model in this industry, providing high margins, little follow-up marketing, and consistent cash flow. Recurring subscription options can produce and maintain repeat orders. New partnerships and additional SKUs could quickly add an entirely new customer base.

The company could easily use contractors for social media, Google advertising, and SEO work, with minimal effort and enormous ROI.

Expansion opportunities are endless. Given the brand’s success in the USA, international expansion into lucrative markets, such as parts of Asia and South America, is a highly profitable prospect. This would undoubtedly drive revenue further as they begin to extend operations to customers where demand is rife.

The company is highly automated and requires minimal workload. The owner spends only 10 to 12 hours weekly on the business, focusing primarily on:

• Managing product manufacturing
• Fulfilling larger orders
• Payroll
• Marketing

Additionally, it has one customer service and fulfillment person and two brewers who manufacture and bottle products. Notably, the business has snowballed, and between the owner and three employees, they’ve managed comfortably as it’s scaled and continues to do so at a frenetic pace.

This business has unique products that consumers love and appreciate, prolific YOY growth, a loyal and happy customer base, and profit margins that any new owner would envy. In addition, no specialized systems or skills are needed to operate the business, making it ideal for a first-time operator to run while presenting enormous growth potential for an eCommerce or wholesale expert.

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Asking Price
$ 4,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,802,936
Gross Income
$ 2,369,909
Year Established

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