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Social Media Driven Spiritual Products eCommerce Website – Highly Niche, Uncommon Goods – Low Risk Profile


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Retailer that has taken social media by storm … this spiritual offering carries immense promise for a buyer looking to dip their toe into the eCommerce space by offering special, spiritual products that are hard to find on other online storefronts, including jewelry, apparel, backpacks, footwear and unique home decor. With an impressive repeat customer rate for the industry, this growing niche business leverages strong marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram to gain awareness and traction as well as to drive conversions. Selling through their streamlined website, this company orders unique pieces on demand that are then drop shipped directly to each customer that orders from them.

This highly efficient model allows this special business to operate with little to no overhead or up-front inventory purchases – a super low risk model in the eCom space. Differentiating themselves from other online retailers of uncommon, otherworldly goods, this Internet Company carries unique and exclusive designs that appeal specifically to those who are spiritual and holistic in nature. With a strong foothold within this lucrative corner of the industry, this company still retains unimaginable room for scale given that is just 2 years young.

Offering more than 690 SKUs at an Average Order Value of $31.81, this company has a strong foundation of customer demographic and purchasing data to drive additional repeat sales as new products are brought on board. In just under 2 years’ time, this company has had 15k+ orders around the world to deliver an impressive total sales value of $505k+. Building on this business’ solid foundation of social media use and advertising, the lucky new buyer could easily expand their message placement onto Google, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok to further develop the brand and its customer base. Currently earning an unbelievable 16X ROAS, the sky is the limit for this company’s digital engagement and profits.

Additionally, expanding on to would be a good strategic first step after closing. Lending itself well to international brands such as this one, Amazon is a jaw-droppingly powerful platform that will bring with it spanning reach and incredible room for dynamic growth … plus, such a mix of sales channels will add value to the brand should it be sold again down the road.

At the moment, this company demands very little of its ownership. Dedicating about 3 hours daily with a maximum of 15 hours weekly, current ownership is responsible for coordinating with staff, tracking customer concerns, managing order fulfillment, supervising advertising direction and payroll. With the addition of a Virtual Assistant Supervisor with experience in an eCom environment, these requirements could be handed off. Working with 2 full time and 5 part time employees, this company runs remotely, smoothly, and effectively. This business has a VA and support manager as well as a fulfillment manager. It also has a Facebook manager, Quality Control Specialist, newsletter writer, social post creator, and dispute handler that each work part time to keep this company growing reliably.

This rapidly growing and interactive brand has made strong efforts to create fans, followers and repeat customers, including 27,388 newsletter subscribers, 9,178 Facebook Followers, and 2,841 Instagram Followers. Scaling this outreach database, this strategic offering also works with an affiliate network and advertises on both Facebook and Instagram. With a whopping 69,304 average monthly visitors, this dynamic media mix is bringing consistent results. Capitalizing further on the company’s niche offerings, new ownership can work to expand marketing via Google and Bing, as well as additional sales channels like eBay, Target, and Amazon to drive sales on a whole new level. Expanding SKU lines and purchasing channels will help to grow the value of this business many times over.

An aspiring industry leader, this up and coming brand carries a solid foundation and promises effective growth. In the right hands, this inspiring company can reach its full potential and profitability to flourish within its evergreen niche and beyond. With a lower risk profile and seamlessly scalable framework, all this company is missing is a business-minded owner who can take the reins from here.

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Listing ID:  WC2182

Asking Price
$ 325,000
Cash Flow
$ 108,907
Gross Income
$ 765,297
Year Established