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Subscription Based Trivia Content Publisher – Over 1 Billion Page Views on Website Annually – Ad Revenue Model


Website Closers® presents a publishing site that has entertained millions of visitors with their lucrative and engaging online quizzes that allow people to learn something new every day. Online quizzes continue to grow in popularity, and this company has turned that spanning global interest into a thriving revenue generator using online advertisements in strategic combination with a powerful in-house subscription program that supports their premium content.

Quickly becoming one of the nation’s strongest and most engaging content sites, this company appeals to any advertiser through abounding reach and return rate value. The fact that this site now receives 1 billion page views each year, coupled with an average session duration over 5.5 minutes, spells out lasting success both for the brand and its advertising partners. Adding in the business’ powerful 60% return visitor rate, ad placement on this site becomes an irresistible investment to any strategic company.

A considerable factor in this company’s success has been the high standards they apply to their content. Their quizzes are written and edited by a content team that includes an Emmy Award winner who wrote and directed the popular game show Cash Cab, along with the former Director of Quizzes and Games for Buzzfeed. With such a strong and experienced team in place, this brand is able to create and publish 25-30 new quizzes each week. At the same time, up to 100 new marketing campaigns are scheduled weekly.

From the moment this brand launched in 2016, their focus has been on creating evergreen quizzes that will continue to attract knowledge seekers throughout the foreseeable future. The brand works to unite people focused on mastering interest-based topics by offering them a free quiz. At the end of the quiz, visitors can become free members by signing up with their email. To get an idea of how many people have participated, the company currently retains 594,000+ emails in their database. Those subscribers then get the company’s quiz of the day emails. This encourages visitors to keep coming back for more daily trivia. This database could be further utilized in email marketing campaigns to earn increased consumer value and participation.

Social media has been a crucial aspect of the company’s success. Their content is marketed across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, and top native networks. As the heavy volume of viewer traffic goes up, the company can further monetize each question and explanation with a series of display ads surrounding it.

As a result, this business earns revenue simply by having a visitor click on their website and view display, native, and video advertisements on page. The company has long-standing, well-established relationships with top demand partners with an active list of 19 advertisers who pay to display ads on their popular quiz hub.

Another significant profit maximizer stems from the brand’s programmatic header bidding. This automated auction technology allows publishers to display their inventory on multiple Demand/Server-Side Platforms and receive bids from an array of advertisers simultaneously. Their traffic volume and ad viewability has attracted high quality demand partners that give the brand a 100% collection rate on their receivables.

For the subscription plan, which provides users with an ad-free experience, subscribers can pay a recurring $5.99 a month or sign up for an annual plan for $2.99 a month. With this framework, they have seen an average customer lifetime value of $45.23.

This is a highly sophisticated business operation built around something very simple: people’s love for a challenging and invigorating quiz that tests their knowledge and helps them learn something new. To date, the company has posted more than 2,500 quizzes with over 81,000 unique questions in their content library.

Their custom CMS is particularly valuable to these efforts because it can be used to quickly search and combine questions into new, entirely different quizzes – meaning if they stopped writing new ones today, there could still be a virtually endless supply of fresh content to deliver to viewers.

That focus on high quality content has paid off. The brand’s user retention has grown 10% year over year, and this has also enabled the business to attract top talent for their editorial team, which serves to make the quizzes even more appealing to users. The company believes that continuing to create new evergreen quizzes will keep exposing them to new users.

To market their content, the company has relied on social media accounts that include Facebook, where they have 242,000+ followers and are split into numerous category pages. For example, their main quiz page has 193,000 likes, while their car quiz page has earned 14,000 likes, and the history quiz page carries 12,000 likes, while their DIY quiz page has 10,000 likes.

The company also has 2,600 followers on Twitter and 600+ followers on Pinterest, where their posts receive an average of 125,000+ views each month.

Utilizing a varied marketing mix, their other efforts include, an SEO program, their email newsletter, and PPC ads.

There are significant scaling opportunities for this business. The company is already continuously adding new quiz content that attracts fresh users. One way to enhance growth would be to develop new types of quizzes that attract a new and larger customer base that can reach beyond current formats. There are multiple new quiz types this brand has identified that would be unique to their viewers and attractive to key age demographics 18-45, including personality, multiple choice, and binary options such as true/false. They have worked with the former Director of Quizzes and Games at Buzzfeed to assist in building out a new personality quiz game type.

With a promising future ahead, this high-delivering brand could expand its presence internationally, beginning with additional English-speaking countries such as Canada and UK, then extending further to offer Spanish and Portuguese content in South and Central America, or Mandarin and Japanese content in Asian markets. The company could continue to scale its digital marketing presence by using social media sites and PPC ads to drive traffic, while branching into new channels such as TikTok and Snapchat.

The current ownership is available to work with the buyer post-acquisition to successfully integrate this brand into the new company, they are also offering up to three months of training.

This company is ran remotely and does not rely on a central office. Instead, their experienced team that includes a full-time project manager, two part-time marketing managers, a part-time editor and 5 contracted quiz writers operates from home. The ownership team devotes a combined 20-30 hours each week to team communications, operational activities and to check on performance goals.

Showing extraordinary results through both revenue and consumer interest, this company prides itself on delivering something that the public has a passion for while showcasing their high volume of traffic to convince advertisers that their site and audience is valuable. The brand’s ability to continue producing new, challenging, and exciting quizzes for their target audience will give this brand continued growth and immeasurable opportunities into the foreseeable future.

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