Representation & Outreach Program

Your First-Class Ticket to Buying a Business!

Skip the search process and ensure you get the best deal possible. Our expert team of brokers and outreach specialists will look all over the world to find your perfect business, then represent you throughout the entire acquisition process!


Exclusively available for Buyer’s Club members only!


This is the ultimate service for serious buyers. In our Representation & Outreach program, our brokers will consult you on your acquisition goals, actively search for deals everywhere in the world, and represent you through it all. Our expert team of brokers and outreach specialists will meet with you, consult with you about your search criteria, reach out to target businesses that are currently on the market, approach the owners and their teams, analyze their operation strategies and financial statements, take the lead on the sale, and professionally represent and advise you throughout the entire process. You can’t get a more personalized acquisition experience than this. If you’d like to learn more about the program details, click the Inquire Now button and our Representation & Outreach Concierge care specialist will reach out to you as soon as possible.




Do you need to find businesses to acquire that are not currently for sale? With our Representation & Outreach plus+ package, our team of brokers and outreach specialists utilize a proprietary search method to find target businesses that meet your criteria that are not currently on the market. This highly specialized service is perfect for institutional investors, private equity groups, aggregators, corporate add-ons, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their portfolio by acquiring very specific companies that cannot be found anywhere on the market. You will also receive everything included in the traditional Representation & Outreach program. There is no other program like this out there!