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Archive of Category: $5-50 Million

Health & Wellness eCommerce Brand Retailer - Case Study
John Hancock
Summary: This e-commerce retailer was previously operating under two different private label brands in the health and wellness category, with...
Health & Personal Care Company - Case Study
John Hancock
Summary: Website Closers was instrumental in helping a health and personal care company with a strong track record in e-commerce...
Website Closers Assists Custom Fashion Jewelry Brand with 500+ Retailer Connection to Sell Company Successfully – Case Study
John Hancock
Summary: An e-commerce retailer in the jewelry industry with over 12 years of experience focusing on women's designs recently came...
Fitness & Sports Gear – Case Study
John Hancock
Summary: There’s no doubt that sporting goods and compression gear have become increasingly popular, and therefore, competitive amidst the online...
E-Commerce Retailer Uses Website Closers to Expand on Massive Growth Opportunities – Case Study
John Hancock
Summary: The women's fashion space is especially competitive, meaning that it takes a company that must be able to stand...
SaaS Provider of Business Management Software – Case Study
Summary: This BSM company presented with high LTVs, strong KPIs and a very low risk profile for the space, making...