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Building Better Digital Brands

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In the current climate, Amazon often seems like the end-all be-all of eCommerce. It’s an incredibly valuable tool, but there are still some lessons to be learned about creating a brand and using multiple platforms and resources to grow it.

Kyle Walker, Co-Founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer at Foundry, joins us today to talk about what his company looks for in emerging brands and gives some advice on how to better connect with customers, and how he parlayed a seven-year tenure at Amazon into a career as a digital brand builder.

In episode 2, season 2 of The Deal Closers, Izach and Kyle discuss the best ways digital brands can build and delegate resources, and why he’s dedicated to helping educate founders. Listen and find out why it’s so integral for brands to gather as much information as possible, the importance of understanding each brand’s uniqueness, and what’s next for Foundry Brands.

  • In this episode, you will learn:
    • Some background on Foundry Brands (02:52)
    • The areas that a brand can invest in to create enterprise value today (04:46)
    • The benefit for sellers of having outside traffic being generated toward Amazon (11:08)
    • How founders can optimize their limited time by making sure the content they’re creating is as effective as possible (14:10)
    • Why Foundry has a specific set of criteria for their brands—and what they’re looking for (17:09)
    • What it looks like when Foundry forms a partnership with a founder, and the ways it can vary (21:57)
    • Foundry’s long-term vision (26:00)
    • How brands are creating a stronger, more cohesive connection with customers (28:37)
    • Kyle’s advice for best practices for those in the market to sell their business (31:12)


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