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The Importance of Selling on the Way Up

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We all know the common go-to phrase about business, “Time is money.” Money keeps companies afloat. It keeps things moving. It’s how employees get paid, how products stay in stock, and how the product goes from producers to consumers.

But there is another factor. Numbers and hard facts play a huge role in understanding a company’s wealth. However, it also helps to look at another thing to gauge a company’s success in the future, and that thing is a little less heavy on numbers, and more reliant on something we can’t really see – predictions.

These kinds of predictions are based on something brokers in the business call “selling on the way up.”

On today’s episode of Deal Closers – A Tech & Internet M&A Discussion, I talk to Ron from about the importance of selling on the way up, and what it looks like for buyers and sellers to assess a company’s potential.