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5 Life Skills that Empower You in Business

Posted by Leo Decker in Articles


It might seem as if business and personal lives are separated, but in fact, how we run our personal lives has great influence over how we run a business. It isn’t just a matter of turning one switch on and another one off, it’s the culmination of skills that we learn daily and throughout our lives up to this very minute that will determine if we are successful personally and professionally. is an online business broker that is skilled in selling online sites, and in helping their clients traverse the sometimes tricky and tumultuous process that is involved in buying and selling websites. They, themselves, are also business owners and managers, and know first-hand, that these life skills will carry you through not only an enriching personal life, but a successful business life as well.

  • Empathy is one such skill that not only bonds people together as friends, it also makes a business entrepreneur a more powerful salesperson. People want to work harder for someone who shows them empathy, just as friends are more loyal to other friends who genuinely feel their pain. Without empathy, ours would be a society of sociopaths. With empathy, society is a more sincere, peaceful place, and in business, it helps people network more easily and grow their business more effectively.
  • Positivity is a skill that, unfortunately, many people don’t realize can affect them so greatly until they are in their 30’s or 40’s. Thinking about yourself in a positive manner, feeling confident in your abilities and taking on better and better challenges will not only enrich you personally, it will infuse your business with determination and a productive spirit.
  • It’s like water flowing from a funnel that never closes. Time management may perhaps be the most fundamental life skill anyone can learn. Online business broker, will tell you that effectively managing time is how websites get developed, how businesses are run and how cities are built. The trick behind time management is figuring out what works best for you. Trial and error is time-consuming, but in the end, your time will more effectively be managed and you will accomplish more during the day.
  • Perhaps it’s an ego thing, but asking for help has never been most people’s strong suit. To many people, asking for help is a sign of weakness, and in the business world, nobody wants to portray weakness, it’s like a crippled zebra amidst a pride of hungry lions. However, asking for help is often what is necessary to succeed because one person can’t know everything, and asking for help not only gets a question answered, it also creates a new network connection.
  • Listening is a time-honored skill that many people think they possess, but they really don’t. Listening is not hearing the other person speak while formulating what to say in your head at the same time. Listening is truly having a blank slate while the other person chalks all over it, and then echoing back what you’ve heard. True listening is a skill that allows you to gain knowledge, gain friendships and business acquaintances, and is also one of the key points of having a charming personality. And charming personalities are usually the ones that become the most successful, both in business and in everyday life.

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