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5 Online Marketing Tools for a Successful Business

Posted by Dave Micek in Articles


Ask any internet business broker and they will tell you, marketing is what puts a business on the map. It’s what places products and services in front of customers at arm’s reach so they are prompted to select as they desire. Before selling a website or perhaps making an effort to increase ROI, it’s important to implement certain online marketing tools so the business can reach its maximum potential.

  • Quick Sprout is a search engine marketing tool that helps marketers improve their social media traffic. To use it, simply plug in the URL of the company and then analyze the resulting metrics. It can also be used competitively to analyze social media and search engine metrics for competing businesses.
  • Is it possible to be over-optimized? You betcha. Removeem Ratios is a marketing tool that reveals low-quality links on a site as well as over-optimized anchor texts which, after Penguin was introduced, can severely hurt a business’s organic search rankings.
  • Like it or not, Google is king of the search engines. So, it’s important to feed the Google gods by using Google AdWords. However, many people are unfamiliar with the process, that’s why The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords was created. This highly-informative book reveals successful methodologies on how to pick the exact keywords a business should target.
  • SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz. Search engine optimization is a lot like dressing for the Prom, if you don’t get everything just right, you won’t be chosen as king or queen. There are a lot of steps involved and if a business is to be successful, utilizing SEO is vitally important. The book provides information on how to improve search engine traffic and educated the reader on valuable SEO practices.
  • Ahrefs is a great SEO and marketing tool. Gaining Google traffic is an important aspect to the success of any business, as Google represents over 60% of all online searches conducted. This tool provides information such as what to improve and what the site is doing correctly by analyzing certain metrics like keywords, competitors, etc.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in selling a website, or want to improve their traffic, search engine rankings and more; contact a trusted internet business broker like to discuss all of the options available.