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A Cheat Sheet on How to Sell an Online Business

Posted by Megan Gunsorek in Articles

If you are a website business owner and you’re curious about how to sell your online business, you might not know where to start. Who do you call to get the job done right? How can you maximize your profit? What needs to be done in-house to get there? With so many questions, it’s easy to see why some business owners throw up their hands in confusion and frustration.

Step One: Do an online search for a quality website broker.

Yes, just as homes and brick and mortar businesses are sold by real estate and commercial real estate agents, website businesses have their own “brand” of real estate agent, and they are known as website brokers.

Step Two: Define the word quality and apply it to your top three or four choices.

Quality. It’s such an elusive word with such a hard-to-define meaning. However, in this case, quality means a website broker that is knowledgeable, experienced, and has a good reputation in the industry.

Step Three: How long has the website broker been selling online businesses?

You wouldn’t want a lawyer who just stepped out of law school to defend you in a murder trial, and you wouldn’t want a website broker with very little experience to be in charge of selling your online business.

Step Four: Is the website broker client-centric?

That is, does the client come first in their eyes? Do they offer a free consultation? Do they take a commission before they sell your site?

Step Five: Do past customers sing their praises?

Word of mouth means, well, it means nearly everything. Without the praise or backing of their previous customers, the website broker has no reputation, no leg to stand on, and no promise that they will sell your business and maximize your profit.

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