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Amazon FBA Trends: Should I Follow Them?

Posted by Paul Volen in Articles

Launching your new business is an exciting prospect, but if you fall for some of the most common mistakes that plague new sellers of Amazon products, you could wind up making critical errors that could cost you in terms of profitability or the speed at which you are able to accomplish your business goals.

Paying too much attention to Amazon FBA trends could backfire.

When is a Trend Not Worth Following?

Understanding trend markets can be powerful as well as dangerous for a new Amazon FBA sale. You’ll want to be careful about chasing trends, particularly as a newer seller on the Amazon FBA platform. Putting too much of your energy into a trending topic or idea while letting other areas of your business fall short sets you up for possible long-term losses.

Trends are only truly profitable for those who are early to the party and by the time you’ve learned about it, the trend may have already passed. If you hop into a market that becomes over-saturated quickly by other Amazon FBA sellers who are catching on to the same trend, the trend could pass entirely by the time that you begin to cash in.

Amazon FBA trends are constantly changing, so it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve.

Who Succeeds with Trends on Amazon FBA?

The people that profit from trending markets on Amazon FBA either became extremely lucky with their timing or are a manufacturer, so they benefit from low costs. While some have chased in on Amazon FBA trends, that’s not true for everyone.

If you have a significant amount of capital to pour into a product in order to hold your ranking, you may be successful with investing in trends, but everyone outside of these parameters will end up taking a financial hit. The other major mistake that many people make when it comes to Amazon FBA is failing to appropriately research the barriers and restrictions of your target market.

Not all Amazon FBA trends are short-lived, and solid research will never go out of style.

It is hard to get started with the target market if you’ve never been involved in Amazon FBA before and if you haven’t done the appropriate research to determine what is most likely to be successful. There will always be some trial and error involved in starting your business, but there are several different categories on Amazon that have a required approval process to begin selling and you should know these ahead of time.

You might have to submit invoicing and formal documentation or even pay a fee upfront to be allowed to sell in that category. If you’re hoping to gain traction quickly and start gathering profits sooner rather than later, this could be a big mistake if you don’t carefully vet your market. As you do your research, keep track of every requirement necessary on Amazon’s end for you to become an active seller right away.

Make sure that you understand every category you’re thinking about selling in and look at Amazon’s approval process for those individual categories. There are also several other products that might have restrictive barriers to entry and you should keep note of these and start your process sooner rather than later, so that you can ensure you have all the information you need to launch your Amazon FBA business successfully.

The most long-lasting of Amazon FBA trends is to build your business to be sold.