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Amazon Warehouses Now Accepting Some New Products from Sellers

Posted by John Fairchild in

Amazon recently severely restricted the kinds of items that sellers use in an FBA program eligible to send in as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic. However, Amazon has made even more recent adjustments to that and is now telling sellers that should look at their seller central dashboards. Some of the restrictions have been lifted on an item by item basis.

So, it’s a good idea to add this into your daily rotation to review. Amazon officially stopped accepting sellers’ inbound shipments for many items on March 17th in order to focus on those goods in the highest demand, including medical supplies and household staples. This was a significant change for many sellers who rely on Amazon FBA to keep their business alive.

On March 27th, however, the company said that they will continue prioritizing the products that they can receive beyond April 5th but have already been able to lift some of their restrictions on that list. The company also released some guidance around how things are being handled inside the warehouses in light of the fact that some employees have spoken out about concerns over social distancing.

The company said that they are now following a social distancing guideline within all fulfillment centers to keep employees healthy and safe and to minimize the possible spread of corona virus through the packaging and products themselves. Amazon is looking at several different factors to determine which items then become eligible for warehouse shipment including fulfillment center capacity, high demand products that customer is asking for now, inventory and transit, current inventory levels, and the company’s ability to adhere to latest health guidelines.

Look at the restock report in seller central and restock inventory page which will be regularly updated and look at the FAQ page on Amazon seller central to see more information as the company released it. Those FBA sellers who are not currently able to send their product to Amazon through FBA are using fulfilled by merchant. Amazon shared that they are working hard to restore regular operations but are counting on sellers to be remain calm and keep those operations moving. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling an Amazon FBA business or is looking for opportunities to enhance your current company valuation, schedule a consultation today with the business brokers working at website closers.

We are highly knowledgeable about many of the different changes that often impact an Amazon FBA seller and can be an important resource and source of contact as you work towards accomplishing your goal of listing your company for sale. We are keeping up to date. We rely on industry updates to keep you as informed as possible.