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Are You Ready to Sell Your Shopify Business?

Posted by Tom Hall in Articles

Thinking about selling an e-commerce website or your Shopify business? Don’t move forward without first talking to an experienced online business broker who can help you with this process.

Knowing what’s involved in selling a Shopify business and putting together a customized plan to achieve your individualized goals is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to see the maximum benefit of choosing to sell their company.

A Shopify or e-commerce business may have a great personal connection and meaning to you as an individual. This makes it all the more important to have an online business broker who will put your primary needs first, and will ensure that you are able to successfully translate the solid foundation to the buyer.

At the end of 2016, Shopify had a 90% year on year revenue increase, meaning that this is an ideal opportunity for prospective buyers. The positive expectations and forecast of revenue growth make it an ideal opportunity to sell your company.

Hand Things Over Easily With Established Systems

As a complete e-commerce solution, it also makes things easier for your prospective buyers to step in and glean the benefits of taking over a company that already has a proven process and products inside.

Focusing on the benefits of Shopify as an e-commerce business for sale will assist your online business broker in placing the company in front of ideal buyers. Shopify significantly decreases the barrier to entry for someone who is interested in e-commerce, because this has almost dropped down to zero. With everything from hosting to coding, there are many opportunities for a personalized and branded user experience.

Customer support and powerful marketing back up the unique offerings of Shopify. Furthermore, maintaining security through the active protection that Shopify attempts to implement is very valuable.

Some of the challenges associated with Shopify that you may need to be prepared to address in the selling process include the associated extra expenses of add-ons, difficult customization, and difficult customization codes.

Being prepared to sell your Shopify business means a comprehensive strategy must be in place in advance, such as outsourcing as soon as possible and beginning to remove yourself from the business.

Documenting your standard operating procedures will make it that much easier for someone else to step in and take over the management of the company. Tracking your data, such as the valuation and monitoring of your performance, is a great way to be able to tell whether or not this will be an effective transition for you and any other employees who may be stepping out at the sale of the business.

Consulting with a knowledgeable online business broker will help to clarify what is truly possible with selling your business. If you’re concerned about your next steps in valuing your online business, Website Closers has an established process that we use to assist you sell your Shopify business. We’ll explain that process to you at the outset so you can ask your questions of your broker and get a better handle on how to proceed.