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Be Aware of How Reviews Could Influence Selling Your Amazon Business

Posted by Chris Kern in Articles

Selling your Amazon business is a top concern for people who have realized they no longer want to be responsible for the business or those who are looking to open the next chapter of their life.

But before selling an Amazon business, you must be aware of the comprehensive picture of your business’s value. Although many Amazon sellers are trustworthy, buried reviews can make it difficult to spot when significant problems are afoot. Not being aware of your customers’ feedback in the form of reviews could hurt you when it comes time to list your Amazon business for sale.

When selling an Amazon business, you must take a step back and look at all of the various issues that could influence your company value. A new free plugin available on Google Chrome can help tell you whether or not you are in a good position to sell an Amazon business.

New Plugin May Affect Selling an Amazon Business

The Recon Bob plugin allows consumers to get a deeper picture of who the actual seller is. Now that more than half of the items sold on Amazon come from third party sellers, including sensitive items that are likely to spoil, be spilled or come with other problems, it is increasingly important for a person to get a full picture of an Amazon business’s value prior to purchasing.

A series of hidden reviews could make it challenging for a possible buyer to figure out whether or not it is the right purchase and the Recon Bob plugin may be used by up and coming Amazon business buyers. When it’s time to sell your Amazon business, consulting with a business broker and getting an appropriate appraisal should look at the comprehensive picture of your business, including the prospective value associated with reviews.

The issue of giving a complete picture of a seller has been nearly impossible in the past, but it is becoming increasingly important as the site is being used more often and it has become easier to purchase virtually everything under the sun. The purpose of the Recon Bob plugin is to bring relevant reviews to the service that could otherwise be buried, allowing shoppers to be directed to the most trustworthy sellers of goods. Anyone who wants to sell an Amazon business should be mindful of how this could influence a buyer’s perception of the value of the company. Greater transparency could be used not just for consumers who are looking to purchase from the best third-party seller, but also from someone who intends to buy your Amazon business.

A government accountability of a study recently found that 20 of the 47 products that were purchased by investigators from third-party sellers were counterfeits. Counterfeiting on Amazon has become an increasingly important issue and one that all sellers, including those who intend to list their business for sale in the future, should be mindful of to guard themselves against the risks.

Selling an Amazon business is more likely to be successful when you think beyond just sales numbers.