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Confidentiality is Vitally Important during the Sale of a Website Business

Posted by Paul Vartanian in Articles


Entrepreneurs who are thinking about selling their ecommerce site, eBay store, software application, Amazon business, or some combination of these, should hire brokers for internet businesses because a website business broker can ensure confidentiality during the selling process. Maintaining confidentiality on a website business for sale is important for many reasons. The only parties that should be aware of the sale or potential sale are the sellers, the brokerage company, potential buyers (that have executed a non-disclosure agreement) and lenders.  Employees, suppliers and others should not even have a hint of the sale or potential sale because this leads to under-productivity and ultimately a less valuable web property. is a website business broker that takes great pride in maintaining and ensuring confidentiality for their clients. With 20 years in the business, and millions of dollars in successfully sold businesses to date, knows precisely how to sniff out the bad buyers who may only be interested in finding out information like how the business is run, or who the business’s suppliers are. As experienced and skilled brokers for internet businesses, strongly encourages using a web broker to keep the seller out of the sale itself. By using a brokerage firm, they can be the liaison for the business and the potential buyers so no phone calls, no emails and no communications of any sort between potential buyers and the employees or vendors ever occur.

Another confidentiality aspect of selling a website is the suppliers. Potential buyers should not be made aware of the suppliers of the particular business until it is clear that they are in fact, a real buyer with the real capital necessary to buy the company, and even then, not until after the purchase agreement is executed. By hiring a website business broker like, entrepreneurs with a website business for sale can rest easy knowing their business is in the hands of reputable industry professionals.