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Does Your Online Business Listing Really Have an Impact on Your Sale?

Posted by Mark Grossman in Articles

Stuck on writing the perfect online business listing? We can help with that- our network of ready buyers and our years of experiencing selling SaaS and ecommerce and other websites has helped us understand how to perfectly positions your business for sale online.

Online Business Listing Basics

It can be daunting as a new seller of an online business to write the perfect listing description. That’s one of the leading reasons why people choose to partner with an experienced brokerage team like our employees at Website Closers. You need to understand the best structure for putting together a listing description for an online company as well as the dos and don’ts of selling your business online.

Creating a Compelling Online Business Listing Title & Summary

The summary and title are the most critical parts of your online business listing, since a good title will lead to more clicks to look at your auction overall. Your summary and your title help to give a basic overview of the company and must draw in the prospective buyers’ attention in order for them to click open and look further into the details about your company. Make sure that you include some details such as your mailing list numbers, your seller approval rating on Amazon if relevant, the business’ average monthly profit and monthly unique visits.

Structure of An Appropriate Listing

The structure is one of the most critical aspects to get people to read through and understand your business effectively. While the summary and title are used to bring people in, the structure is critical for explaining the business operations.

An account manager working at Website Closers can assist you with this process. You’ll want to include details such as the reason for sale, the business model, and information about the seller, development, traffic operations, monetization, marketing, reliability and expenses. All of this information can be extremely helpful to position your company in the right way.

Things to Avoid in Your Online Business Listing

There are several things that you should always avoid when putting together a business listing. First of all, never omit items or lie about items as this is likely to come out during the due diligence process. The more upfront you are with a prospective buyer now, the easier it will be to gain the trust throughout the sale.

When questions are asked of you, your business broker at Website Closers can assist you with this process to verify that everyone has the information they need in order to decide to move forward with you or not. No one wants to be searching through your description for specific details and come up empty handed. So make sure that you include information that is easily accessible and accurate. At Website Closers we’ll take a comprehensive review of your website listing for sale to verify whether or not you have included everything and whether it is clear from the buyer’s perspective what is available for sale. The more information you have from an experienced business broker, the easier it will be for you to structure an effective sale.