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Enhancing Your Content and Your SEO Before Selling Your Online Business

Posted by Mark Grossman in Articles

Selling an online business is all about traffic, appearance and the behavior of that traffic once it lands on your website. For this reason, your SEO and content marketing strategy should be thorough and in place well before you list your company for sale.

It is critical to have optimized and high quality content across your website. For many e-commerce businesses, the primary portion of their traffic comes directly from organic search engines.

Having optimized traffic ensures that the benefits of this content published once are reaped over and over again, and in fact, that the content becomes more important over time.

Using Freelancers to Build Traffic

Hiring freelance content writers is extremely important for this process, particularly if as the business owner you are overwhelmed by many other things on your plate.

Freelancers can come with outstanding levels of expertise if you’re willing to pay well, are useful for one-off projects and can become a strong asset for your business without having to invest in a salary.

However, hiring freelancers for content and SEO can lead to trial and error in order to find the right person and there may be less opportunities for revisions, depending on the contract you’ve signed with the freelancer. Your timeline and your needs will dictate whether you should make the investment in content and SEO through a freelancer before selling your online business.

Using Agencies for SEO Support vs. Staff

Agencies may be another option to pursue in developing an SEO and content marketing strategy. Agencies will typically assign a committed manager for your account in addition to a creative committee and technical support, varying based on the size of the agency itself. Agencies may provide full service offerings and this can go all the way down to simply scaled content only services.

Just one point of contact can save a great deal of time. Bringing on a staff member for your company to focus on content specifically can significantly enhance the results you achieve with content marketing.

Staff members can come with overhead costs, however, such as office space and health care, and employees may not stick around after an acquisition or may feel less than confident about you selling the company and them not being included in the future. An employment contract is a commitment, even if your contract clearly outlines that you can end the partnership at any time.

Having a content marketing strategy thoroughly developed well in advance is easily articulated in your financials and other paperwork submitted with the details you provide to a prospective buyer. Knowing that you have a thorough content marketing and SEO strategy that’s already been in place for some time, will make it much more likely that a buyer will be attracted to the existing business model you have built that already shows tremendous promise.

Think carefully about choosing the right content marketing strategy for your company and who will be responsible for implementing it on a regular basis. It can be a great deal of time and effort to invest in these kinds of endeavors but can pay off in a big way when it comes time to sell your online company.