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Exit Strategies for Amazon Business Owners

Posted by Joe Pergolizzi in Articles

Our Co-founder owns and operates a number of online entities, 2 of which operate their own accounts on Amazon’s Seller Central. So we understand how the platform works, how sellers work within the A9 to build their brand, not only on the Amazon platform, but also in SERPs for major search engines. More importantly, we understand the intricacies involved in attempting to sell an Amazon business, whether it’s the sole place items are sold, or it’s one of many platforms where the seller sells merchandise. In all of these cases, is the go-to Internet Business Brokerage for selling these assets.

Amazon is a tremendous opportunity and has become the go-to shopping site for so many consumers. Whether it’s because of the A-to-Z Guarantee, because of their easy to use website, or because of Amazon Prime, in any case, it is the leader in eCommerce sales. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon any eCommerce seller to have a presence on Amazon and to take it seriously. Because of this need, it is inevitable that at some point an entrepreneur selling on Amazon will want to exit the business to retire or pursue other interests. What we’ve seen in our experience representing sellers of online businesses is that most sellers do not understand just how difficult it is to transfer a Seller Central Account. It’s hard enough to get Amazon on the phone for help, but attempting to transfer an Amazon account to a Buyer is not as easy as simply changing the account information like it is on other platforms.

The reason for this difficulty is primarily based on the backbone of the platform, which uses ratings and reviews to build fresh content in order to rank well on major search engines for millions of keywords, but more importantly, to give consumers an unbiased online review location where products can be reviewed by everyday people and where the possibility of fake or anti-competitive reviews are quite difficult. Additionally, besides products ratings and reviews, a seller is also rated on a number of things, including his ability to ship products on time, his ability to keep products in stock, response times to consumers, and much more. Because ratings and reviews are so personal in nature to a particular seller, and are important factors in products being relevant on, transferring a Seller Central account to a new owner can be tricky.

But not to worry, at, we and our lending network have a great deal of experience dealing with Amazon Sellers, and we can make the process as pain free and as easy as possible to ensure the business is sold at the highest possible multiple as fast as possible with as much cash on the table as possible. Give us a call at 1-800-251-1559 and we will be happy to talk you through your exit strategy and to discuss a course of action we believe might be appropriate for your business. Of course, we don’t receive any commission until we sell your business, so you have nothing to lose.