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Experienced Business Brokers Offer the Best Websites for Sale

Posted by Chris Kern in Articles


Just like the gold rush of 1849 in San Francisco, when it comes to selling online businesses, there are many companies out there that quickly set up shop and become business brokers with no real experience at all. They see the possibility for gold and, with any luck, attract a few customers who either are – or aren’t – happy with the outcome. With virtually no experience to be had, these fly-by-night gigs don’t serve those people well who are looking for websites for sale to buy.

If you are currently in the marketing for websites for sale, or are looking to sell your own business online, steer clear of these types of businesses because what they lack in experience, they will make up for in failures. But, you might ask, how does someone determine if the business brokers they are considering are “good enough” to hire?

Well, there are a few things everyone can look out for and these items include:

  • How long has the company been in business? Usually, if the business brokers have been in business for some time, they will make that known on one of the main pages of their website. Experience means a great deal in the websites for sale industry. If you don’t see an inception date, you can always ask them, but chances are, they are newly born.
  • What percent commission do the business brokers take and when do they take it? A boutique brokerage firm will only take commission after their client’s business has sold. This is, actually, the best way to do business as it ensures the client that every possible effort is being made on their behalf.
  • Do they offer a free website valuation? Business brokers worth their salt will offer their client a free website valuation to get them started. It’s a good foundation for the rest of the process, and it’s a good way for the client to see what they’re headed toward.
  • Do the business brokers offer a free consultation? Offering clients a free consultation will allow the client to make up their mind as to whether or not they should hire the business brokers. Experienced business brokers won’t have a problem offering free consultations. are experienced and talented business brokers that have been in the websites for sale industry since 1998. They are in the business of selling online businesses and offer free website valuations, consultations and don’t take a penny of commission until their client’s site has sold. Contact them today!