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Find an Ecommerce Broker Who Can Create a Profitable Exit Strategy When Selling a Website

Posted by Andrew McSwain in Articles


Entrepreneurs, who are looking into selling a website, or perhaps a number of websites, need to connect with an ecommerce broker who can create a successful and profitable exit strategy for them. They need to contact an ecommerce broker with decades of experience in the website selling industry, and millions of dollars of sold companies in that time period. The ecommerce brokers should be buyers and sellers of sites themselves, both personally and professionally.

When selling a website, an ecommerce broker should possess the skills required for a successful exit strategy including knowing all of the intricacies that go into backend operations from creating social signals to email campaigns, blog work, inbound marketing tactics, etc. An ecommerce broker firm worthy of your business should fully and completely listen to you, the business owner, and learn about your needs. From there, they should concentrate on taking what they’ve learned and then consult with you on market trends and valuation and provide you with an overall strategy that will best fit yours and your company’s goals.

Another way that a skilled ecommerce broker will prepare you and your company for a successful exit strategy is by preparing you for the actual exit. They will help you maximize the price multiple that buyers will be willing to pay and also (if they have the right skills) to help you from a tax perspective, as well.

When it comes to exit strategies, an important aspect to consider is operations. Once you, the business owner, have left the company, in what state will the company be left? Do you represent more than half the work that’s being done? If that’s the case, a wise ecommerce broker will help you to begin offloading some of your responsibilities to other employees, or help with hiring another employee to take your place.

At, they have two decades of experience in the website selling industry and have over $150,000,000 in successfully sold sites which firmly puts them in the driver’s seat. They can help you create a successful and profitable exit strategy because they aren’t interested in selling your website as soon as possible, they are interested in getting you the maximum amount for your site that you can possible achieve.