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Find Business Brokers that Offer a Free Website Appraisal

Posted by Sophie Williams in Articles

If you are an entrepreneur selling an online business, you first need to find out how much your website is worth. While there are online calculators to use to get an idea as to this number, they are clunky and inefficient and don’t take everything into consideration that should go into a website appraisal. Market trends, seasonality, deal multiples should all be considered, and one of the best ways to get this information incorporated into the most accurate website appraisal is by finding experienced business brokers that offer them for free.

Selling an online business is tricky business. It involves a number of nuances and insight into the industry that doesn’t come about easily. Extensive industry experience is one of the most beneficial items to look for when considering hiring a business broker. Plus, if they offer a free 24 hour consultation and website valuation, you can make sure that they are the right business brokers for you, and will get you the maximum amount of profit at the closing table.

•Do the business brokers have an extensive list of positive client testimonials?
•Do they run a boutique brokerage firm? This is where the business brokers don’t take a commission until the client’s site has sold.
•Is the firm run by serial internet entrepreneurs?
•Do they offer a number of services including turnaround consulting, exit strategies, marketing the business with absolute discretion, qualifying and vetting buyers, evaluating the client’s business thoroughly, and more?

Can they analyze profit and loss statements, tax returns, and balance sheets? Are they, at heart, business people? Can they analyze your business’s cash flow and do they have connections with banks and lenders in the region?

Business brokers, have 20 plus years of experience in buying and selling online businesses. Their founders are serial internet entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping business owners get the maximum profit for their businesses at the closing table. offers a free 24 hour valuation and free website valuation and take into consideration a number of elements to ensure the most accurate valuation possible.

Call today at 1-800-251-1559 to set up your own free consultation and website valuation. They look forward to hearing from you.