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Finding the Right Broker

Posted by Doug Grindstaff in Articles

Today’s segment is going to be on finding the right business broker to help you sell your business – we call ourselves, Website Brokers. Entrepreneurs are very good at a number of things, most importantly, understanding how to maximize profits within their organization. But selling a business is not usually within the purview of that entrepreneur’s knowledge base. When a business owner is contemplating selling their online business, the success of that transaction in many ways sits squarely on the shoulders of a knowledgeable, experienced business broker.

There are many types of business brokers. Some that focus on Commercial Property sales, some that focus on restaurants, and many more that will take on just about any business thrown their way. This last category of brokers makes up the largest pool, and most of the businesses they attempt to sell are brick and mortar companies that operate a retail storefront. When those same brokers attempt to sell an Internet Company, they are often out of their element and unable to talk technology with the buyer or seller. This can inhibit both the seller’s trust in the broker’s ability to get the job done, and the buyer’s patience in the acquisition process. Further, a broker that doesn’t fully understand the transaction can have a really negative impact on the lending process – banks want to fully understand the deal, and since the broker deals directly with the bank, the broker needs to fully understand what she’s talking about.

Think about it like this. If you were in need of brain surgery, you wouldn’t go to a family care physician, an ER doctor, or a podiatrist. Of course not – you’d get a referral to a neurosurgeon – one with specific experience within the sector affecting you. Finding the Right Business Broker is just like finding the right doctor. You need to find a specialist that understands your sector, your market and your business. is owned and operated by professionals that operate within the eCommerce, online sector. We own companies just like you – successful ones. The owners are embedded into the fabric of the Internet community and have specific experience and understand the ins and outs associated with website ownership. Our company was started to fill the void caused by the vast majority of Business Brokers as it relates to the Online Sector. If you have ownership in a digital business, whether it is a website, software, application or some other digital asset, our technological background and experience make us the perfect fit to help guide you through an Exit Strategy. We will listen to your needs, and after we fully understand what you want out of an Exit, we will then provide our input on the very best way to maximize the sales price of your business – but only once you’re ready to sell.