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Free SEO Tools for the Internet Entrepreneur

Posted by Justin Harris in Articles


Buying and selling internet businesses is one thing, if you’re going to manage and run them, you need a basic understanding of SEO and better yet, a toolbox of free SEO tools to help optimize your site and make it the best it can be., professional website broker, lists a number of free SEO tools below:

  • BuzzSumo is an excellent resource for finding out what content is performing best for any topic and any competitor. It shows the number of Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, Twitter shares, Pinterest shares and Google + shares.
  • Diagnostic tools help improve your site like the Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Tools. These tools include reports and scanning capabilities, and the Google tools make sure your site is Google friendly, which is especially helpful if you are selling internet businesses.
  • The Content Strategy Generator Tool by Built Visible will help you build your site by generating fresh and trending content ideas.
  • Get a 30 day free trial with Raven. They offer SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing tools and also offer automated customized reports.
  • SimilarWeb offers information on your site and perhaps more importantly, competing websites. Get a traffic overview, monthly visits graph, page views, bounce rate, engagement, the percentage of traffic to subdomains, traffic sources (direct, searches, etc.) and more.
  • Google Trends is a favorite suggestion from many website brokers because it’s easy to see the fluctuation and search volume for key terms, thus being able to anticipate possible SEO opportunities.
  • Soovle allows rotating from one search engine to the next very easily when collecting information about certain keyword terms.
  • Want to know if someone is linking to your site? With Linkstant, just add a snippet to your site so Linkstant can send alerts when someone links to you.
  • Everyone knows by now (and any website broker can tell you) that bad backlinks can seriously damage a site’s reputation. With Rmoov, you can remove backlinks. The free version allows up to 250 URL’s to be removed.
  • Want to work your site locally? At, you can easily generate local adwords and keyword lists based on radius and zip code.

Whether you are selling internet businesses for profit or managing one toward greater and greater success,, professional website broker, can help you through every step of the process.