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Get a Fair Website Appraisal from a Competent Online Business Broker

Posted by Ryan Bennett in Articles


An online business owner puts their heart and soul into their website. From conception, to layout and design, to the execution of goods and services provided, the business owner wants everything to be perfect and to fully satisfy their customers. That’s why when it comes time to put up the website for sale, the business owner needs to do his research to find the best online business broker who can not only get the job done, but get the job done right.

Despite what the online website appraisal calculators might imply, generating an accurate website appraisal should take into account many factors. Most online business brokers want to take just one factor into account, and that is, the multiples of cash flow. While this is, certainly, important, it’s not the only factor that goes into creating an accurate and honest website appraisal.

First off, when an entrepreneur puts up a website for sale, they should remember that an online business is much different than a brick and mortar store. There are real estate professionals who deal solely and exclusively with selling brick and mortar businesses and most are very good at what they do, however, they should not be asked to dive into the website selling industry. There are far too many differences than similarities, so when it comes to selling a website business, it is best left to the experienced and professional online business broker.

Some of the items that an online business broker will take into account when creating a website appraisal for a website for sale include if the advertising budget has been under, or over-served, if organic search makes up a large portion of the visitor mix, if the business has created its own brand, a review of scale opportunities and the consequential cost of scale. Another item that is considered is if the business is a niche sector or has certain barriers to entry. is an experienced online business broker that handles website appraisals for their clients on a daily basis. They’ve been doing so since 1998, and have sold close to $200 million in websites, and show no signs of slowing down. Entrepreneurs who are looking for an accurate website appraisal should contact them well before putting up their website for sale.