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Get a Thorough and Accurate Website Valuation at

Posted by Remy Belanger in Articles


There are many factors involved in selling online sites. Gone are the days when brokers just sold restaurants, cafes, bookstores, etc., these days, there are hundreds of thousands of web properties and eventually, most of them are put up for sale. Obviously, the most important feature in selling and buying a web property is its purchase price. Online calculators exist to try and help owners get an idea about what the purchase price of their property should be, but a few simple inputs will not accurately reflect the true value of the site. That’s why it’s important to entrust the knowledge and help of the highly-experienced team at For every website owner wondering where to sell a website, the answer is, not only for their vast experience on both sides of the table, but because they know exactly how to value a website business.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to attempting to derive a purchase price for a web property. There is past, current and future operations, a review of scale opportunities, if a business can be expanded into other marketplaces, if the advertising budget has been served properly or perhaps underserved, if organic search makes up a large portion of the visitor mix, if the business is a niche sector or has barriers to entry, or if the business has successfully created its own brand are just some of the aspects involved when calculating an internet company’s value. For owners wondering how to sell an eCommerce site, the answer is never ‘on their own’ because only 1% of for-sale-by-owner sales are successful. knows the intricate processes involved in website valuation, and better still, they offer a free consultation which includes a fair market valuation of the business. They have a pool of buyers who are ready to purchase strong website companies, and with their help, they can successfully pull in the best purchase price for any website for sale, as well as the most cash on the table at closing.