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How to Find an Exceptional Business Broker when Selling Your Online Business

Posted by Nate Lind in Articles

Online businesses are not all equal. Some of them are worth millions; some are barely worth their original domain and hosting fees. Entrepreneurs who are interested in selling their online business are eager to find out which category their business is more likely to fall into. While they should already have a good idea, they need to find an exceptional business broker to break everything down and evaluate the business top to bottom before putting it on the marketplace.

Step #1: Locate a business broker online that has been working in the industry of selling website businesses for at least 20 years. With millions of websites out there, business brokers enter the business every single day, so find one that already has a good foothold in the industry.

Step #2: You want to know how much your business is worth, right? So, why not get that number for free? When you’ve found your business broker that’s been in business for 20 years, make sure they also offer you a free website valuation. As a matter of fact, if they really want your business and are truly exceptional, they should also offer a free consultation.

Step #3: What is their background? Sure, it’s great if they’ve been in business for 20 years, this proves their experience in an ever-growing industry, but are their founders personally connected to the world of entrepreneurship as well? Check to be sure that the brokers who run the company have personal stake in the industry as well.

Step #4: What type of services does the business broker offer? A lot goes into buying and selling websites, more than the average online business owner can know. Part of a business broker’s success is due to the type and quality of the services that they offer. Check for guidance with due diligence, marketing your business with discretion, thorough business evaluation, and more.

Online business broker,, has been in the business of selling website businesses since 1996. They take great pride in the fact that their founders are also serial internet entrepreneurs, and they offer their clients a free website valuation and free consultation. If you’re interested in selling your online business, call them today at 800-251-1559 for more information.