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How to Find the Best Brokers for Internet Businesses

Posted by Remy Belanger in Articles


Selling a website is a process most business owners know nothing about. Purchasing the website, funding it, managing it, running it, are all aspects to ecommerce websites that entrepreneurs might be good at, but selling a website is another thing entirely. For business owners who are ready to sell their website, the best thing to do is to find brokers for internet businesses who are not only skilled in the art and science of selling a website, but who also have many, many years of experience doing it.

Researching online is perhaps the best way for a business owner to go about finding brokers for internet businesses who have the ability to get them the maximum profit for their venture. Selling a website is not just business or financial, it can also be a highly emotional endeavor that can cloud judgment and change the outcome if not kept in check. Skilled and savvy brokers for internet businesses will know how to check emotions at the door so both parties end up happy and satisfied with the outcome.

The first thing entrepreneurs who are interested in selling a website should look for is the number of years the brokers for internet businesses have been in the industry. One year? Two? Five? Ten? Twenty? The more time they’ve spent working within the industry the better, obviously, because that means they have seen more, done more, negotiated more, learned more and just generally have a better grasp and better understanding on all that selling a website involves.

The next thing to consider, for entrepreneurs looking into selling a website, is the amount in dollars of successfully sold websites that brokers for internet business has under their belt. $10 million? $20 million? In the world of selling a website, where ecommerce sites abound and there are negotiations and deals happening left and right, $20 million in successfully sold businesses is not the ideal number when looking for someone to sell a site. A better number would be $150 or even $200 million in successfully sold websites to date. This number proves that the brokers for internet businesses are serious, skilled and highly experienced at what they do best. has been selling websites since 1998, and to date, they have sold close to $200 million in web and tech companies. They are skilled and proficient and encourage any entrepreneur looking into selling a website to contact them today.