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How to Quickly Get Traction on Amazon FBA

Posted by Paul Volen in Articles

Are you thinking about buying an Amazon FBA business or launching your own and scaling it to the point where you can sell it in the future? Either one of these options hold tremendous promise in the coming years since the fulfillment by Amazon business has become increasingly popular. But in order to remain competitive in the terms of the number of people who are leveraging the fulfillment by Amazon model, it is your responsibility to do your research first and to ensure that you’ve considered all options before launching a business to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Overall, online retail across the United States is a multi-billion-dollar sector, but it can be difficult to break into the online market without appropriate research. Rather than trying to obtain traffic and to draw it to your website on your own, more people are turning to the fulfillment by Amazon model because of the existing brand, knowledge and awareness surrounding Amazon.

There are 197 million monthly visitors to Amazon, which means that new e-commerce companies can get their products added to this platform and hope to gain a share of the site’s existing traffic. While this is certainly possible, it is not always simple.

Far too many businesses fail on Amazon on a regular basis and with 3 billion products listed on the site worldwide and 1.3 million products added to the site every single day, one of the most important things you can do to leverage Amazon FBA success and not only succeed with profits and revenues while running it on your own, but also sell it in the future, is to differentiate your product and to add value.

Even if you find yourself in the position of selling the same products as another seller on Amazon, you must differentiate your own listing through color variations, unique signifiers, and keywords that assist your product with showing up in the search results. In the eyes of the Amazon algorithm, making and testing slight variations can have a significant difference in where your product falls. Color changes in your product, the use of keyword research, having a slightly unique design or upgraded materials can all be beneficial.

Whatever you can determine about your product that makes it unique in an increasingly crowded market can help you stand out from the pack and lead more people to purchase your product. The Amazon algorithm is extremely price conscious. This means that a product that is listed on Amazon can change in price nearly every 10 minutes.

This means that there are plenty of different sellers out there on the platform that could be offering the same product at lower prices. Raising the value of your product should not focus on price alone, therefore. Considering options, such as branding premium material, design or other little extra tweaks that you can make to increase your chances of success can all have a powerful impact on your ability to grow your company successfully.

When it comes time to sell your company with the support of an experienced and knowledgeable business broker, this work can pay off in spades.