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How to Select A Website Broker to Sell Your Website

Posted by Scott Reid in Articles

If you’re interested in selling your website and the associated company, there are two different options available to you. The first is to hire a website broker to sell your site. The second is to do all of the legwork yourself.

What Does a Broker Do?

There are a lot of tasks that must be accomplished if you choose not to hire a website broker to sell your site. These include getting a valuation, finding someone who is interested in purchasing a business in your niche, negotiating a price and closing out the deal. Because of the significant amount of work required and the high level of possibility that you could make an error, it is much easier to start searching for how to hire a website broker to sell your site.

In the process of choosing how to hire a website broker to sell your website, it’s important to realize that what you are essentially looking for is a business broker. A website broker evaluates all aspects of your website in order to help you effectively list and sell your company.

This means that a website broker evaluates your traffic, determines how much of it is organic versus paid, your official positioning in search engine rankings, how resilient you are to current changes in the market, the level of competition that currently exists in your niche, and the various revenue streams you have available to you through your website.

Brokers and Business Valuations

Of course, when selecting how to hire a broker to sell your website, another aspect of this professional will help you with is determining the amount of revenue that you’re making and how all of these other factors are built into what your website is truly worth on the open market.

A website broker who is knowledgeable about selling websites will look for possible issues that could hold back the value of your site. This means that you get an expert’s insight into small and big steps that you can take to increase the overall value of your website on the open market.

Many of these are short term elements and changes that can significantly boost the value of your company. All of this information gathered by your website broker is then compiled into a memorandum that the business broker uses. The business broker will use this information to craft your listing and to speak to prospective buyers.

Another major reason to choose to work directly with a business broker such as those working at Website Closers is because of the broad network they already have of prospective and serious buyers. It is not enough to simply list your company for sale online and hope that prospective buyers will come.

Rather, you need to have a leveraged network of people who are highly qualified to own and prepare to step into these business ownership roles. Your business broker vets these potential buyers and identifies those who are interested. The business broker plays a crucial role at this point in the process because they will interview these individuals and eliminate those who are not suitable.

The broker then continues to assist you with all aspects of closing out the sale, such as negotiation and guidance on whether or not you should take a deal.

You may also work with attorneys and other professionals, but your broker will also play an important role in looking at the contracts for both parties to sign and ensure that all possible issues have been handled in advance.