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How to Successfully Navigate Website Flipping

Posted by Carson Bomar in Articles


Television is a great place to learn about the art of “flipping” – whether it’s flipping a house, flipping a car, flipping a bedroom, you can flip just about anything, including websites. Before diving in, however, it’s always best to research as much as possible and consult the best eCommerce business broker you can find, one with many years of experience and a list of satisfied customers with glowing testimonials.

The first item on the agenda when you want to flip a website is to find a website to buy. A knowledgeable eCommerce business broker that knows how to sell websites can help you with this problem. The site should be salvageable; it should plant the seed in your mind of how you ultimately envision it.

The second item you can discuss with an eCommerce business broker is the actual sale. When you find that perfect website you want to flip, ask some necessary questions.

  • How much work does the site require, and are you willing to put in the work necessary?
  • How much is the site selling for, and how much do you hope to eventually get out of it after it’s been flipped?
  • How much do you want to spend on the site, what’s the limit to maximize your profit?
  • Is there a good market for this type of site? Will the market still be good when you are ready to sell it?

Selling internet businesses is in many ways the same as selling anything else. It needs to appeal to the buyer. As a website flipper, you enter into the sale with the idea that you will improve the site enough to make a profit. How do you improve a site? Through search engine optimization, SEM, and/or a complete website design overhaul. For a complete understanding of how to improve a site during a website flip, seek out an experienced eCommerce business broker.

The final step in website flipping is selling it. Because eCommerce business brokers know exactly how to sell websites, it’s best to contact one so they can help you find the best market and the best buyers. They are also keenly aware of the intricacies of lending, so your buyer will be in a better place to fund the purchase.