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How To Tell Whether An Online Business Broker Is Legitimate

Posted by Ryan Bennett in Articles

Determining whether an online business broker is legitimate should be the first step you consider when determining whether or not you want to work with a broker in the first place.  Online business brokers are used by businesses, websites, and eCommerce companies of all sizes in the process of offloading the business and selling it.

The decision to sell your business can be an emotional one, but it can also have important financial repercussions.  Which is why it is so crucial to identify only those online business brokers who have extensive experience in selling companies to begin with.  Many people might think it might be simple to start their own online business broker establishment, without having the necessary experience, expertise, or network to appropriately sell your company.

In order to avoid this situation, you must conduct research well in advance.  Several different things can help you determine whether or not an online business broker is legitimate.  Although it would be nice to assume that everyone who has set up shop online as an online business broker is truly out for the best reasons, there are always companies in various industries who pretend to be legitimate but truly are not.  The first thing to look for with your online business broker is whether or not they have an about page.  This is a section of the website where you can glean information about the management and team working for the company.

You might even be able to check out the LinkedIn profiles of the associated staff members and can see whether or not they have written articles or posted updates that are related to the online business broker space.  The next thing to verify whether an online business broker is legitimate is to identify whether there is a company address or name, since many companies are online, it might not necessarily be easy to identify a physical location for the business, but you should be able to find traces of numerous people working for the company, and be able to verify this with LinkedIn profiles.

The next thing to consider in selecting a legitimate online business broker is to verify whether or not their claims can be backed up.  You need to do some digging to find evidence of your own to figure out whether or not the claims that they make truly correlate with real estate.

If a broker claims to have sold many different types of businesses, a specific number of businesses, or millions of dollars worth of businesses, check out their recently sold page to get an idea of the size of those companies and the success of the sale.  Furthermore, success in this arena should be backed up by a reasonable number of testimonials provided by previous clients.

This is a great place to start with your research process because it can clarify what other people have said and experienced with regards to working with the company directly.  Once you have done your own due diligence, it is time to prepare your paperwork to get the valuation process done, and to carry out the next steps of putting your business up for sale.  The selection of an online business broker as significant ramifications for the future of your company, so do not hesitate to get help from only those online business brokers who have been working in the field for many years.