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How Will a Buyer Deconstruct Your Business for Sale?

Posted by Andrew McSwain in Articles

Making the decision to list your online business for sale is an exciting one but it can also come with plenty of pitfalls if you are not careful. From the moment that you decide to sell your business, you need to have in the back of your mind that the buyer will be one evaluating the material that you forth online to make a final decision about whether or not your company is stable enough, generates enough revenue and has the potential to be successful under their leadership.

One of the most common mistakes that can be made in this process is in putting forth information that makes it seem as though the success of the business is entirely reliant on you and your individual characteristics. There are many different factors that a buyer will analyze in determining whether or not to purchase your business and these factors don’t just highlight their underlying decision to purchase the company but will also influence the offer they are likely to make on your individual company.

Current Year Earnings

Of course, earnings are a key issue for anyone who is contemplating buying a business and stepping into it themselves. This includes how much your website made in the last 12 months as the most common basis of the valuation. Your website broker might be able to help you with additional details that can put forward a positive face for your company.

Business Model

Certain kind of business models can be viewed as riskier than others. Some buyers might not be interested in a business model that requires intensive labor. Buyers will value your model in different ways based on their individual understanding of the business and the perceived risk of the company.

Growth Trends for the Business

Being able to establish clear financials and growth trends is important since an upward trajectory will attract higher prices.

Sources and Reliability of Traffic

Buyers who notice that your company has a strong reliance on search engine traffic could view it as risky. Furthermore, if the traffic sources are spread across multiple sources, this will be perceived as lower risk. This could lead someone who is otherwise concerned about the business to see that you have many different methods of attracting business from prospective clients. This also highlights that you might have to be prepared to train the prospective buyer of the various methods through which you attract traffic.

Current Yearly Profits

Analyzing your liabilities and assets will be part of selling any business. Some of the common questions asked by the buyer in this realm include;

  • Can we decrease costs somewhere?
  • Can we develop a synergy to enhance revenue?
  • What are the systems and business processes already in place that affect profitability?

Where Can Value be Added?

Possible buyers will also be questioning their own individual opportunities to add value to the website. This is because they are motivated by profit and their ability to get their money back faster.

What is the Market Like?

Consistent industries will always attract interest from outside buyers and will also be likely to lead to higher earnings when it comes to a list price. This is because buyers tend to look at a comprehensive package and not just one piece of your online business for sale.

The more prepared you are for the prospect of listing your online business for sale, the easier it will be for you to accomplish your individual goals and structure a long term plan for listing your company for solid valuation and receive valuable amounts from an offer.