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Implement New Lead Generation Ideas to Infuse New Life into Your Online Business

Posted by Leo Decker in Articles


An online business can’t survive without traffic. Any internet business broker will tell you that driving the right traffic to your site will increase conversion rates, profits and your overall customer base. So how does an entrepreneur who is interested in generating new leads go about getting them?, professional internet business broker lists ideas below:

  • Make your products star in their own video! Customers love video demonstrations to show them how a certain product works. Make sure to keep the video under two minutes and include a link to a landing page. Submit your videos to YouTube (the most popular video site), DailyMotion, ZippCast, Google Video and Vimeo.
  • Get brand/business exposure by being interviewed on a podcast or website. Choose your specific niche and research from there. With this exposure, you gain reputation points and the interest of potential customers.
  • Write a White Paper or Industry Report. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field, for example, in how to buy and sell websites, and including important contact information, you will not only invite questions from others in the industry but also generate potential leads.
  • Keep yourself and your target industry current by producing a weekly report or digest. By having something new and valuable to say on a regular basis, you will garner interest and potential clients. Publish the digest on your company’s blog or newsletter.
  • Want exposure to 60 million monthly visitors? Create a SlideShare, which is basically a slideshow presentation. Remember to embed a link to your company’s URL homepage and wow the viewers with your outstanding presentation about your company.
  • Use LinkedIn effectively by joining groups that relate to your industry. By being active inside a group with interesting and meaningful comments and helpful articles, others will take notice.

Whether you already own an internet business or are interesting in knowing how to buy and sell websites, contact a skilled internet business broker like to help you through every step of the process including advice on how to grow your business and make it a success.