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Increase Your Social Media Traffic

Posted by Izach Porter in Articles


Social media is relatively new, of course, and you want to make the most of it with your blog content and twitter feeds. The ultimate goal is to attract readers (which will hopefully, in turn, turn out to be customers), so you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible about not just creating great blog content, but also how to distribute it properly to reach the maximum audience.

  • Images are so important to social media, there are more retweets and shares when content is accompanied by an image. The beauty of images is you can create as many as possible for the same content!
  • Fragment your content up into individual pieces like the headline, statistics, quotes, images, questions, etc., and use each individual piece as a lead in to the whole post through links. Add different images to each piece and you’ve just “buckshotted” your blog content.
  • Create UTM parameters to track the performance of a certain post. Every social media platform has its own UTM value, so that Google Analytics can give you accurate performance information for each specific post.
  • #UseHashtags! By using hashtags you can increase engagement and get your content retweeted more readily!

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