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Is Positive Thinking All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Posted by Eric Pittman in Articles


Everyone has heard that when you think positively, good things follow. Being optimistic is supposed to get us through the day, confident that “things will work out in the long run.” And there is a truth behind it all in some ways – positivity does lower blood pressure and it enhances mood. But, will it propel you to success? Likely not and here’s why.

Having blind faith that everything will turn out right (positive thinking) is overlooking the hard work that needs to be done to succeed. Are you starting a new business? Writing a book? Hoping to change careers? Positive thinking that it will just magically happen will – guess what – create a sense of complacency that leads to failure.

By fantasizing about our success, we lower our drive to achieve it because on some level, we already have. Even if it’s fantasy, our brains believe the success is there. It lowers the energy necessary to accomplish the dream itself.

Is there a better way to incorporate positive thinking into your life? There sure is, and, when used correctly, it can also help you achieve your goals.

  • Dream about it. What are your dreams for the future? What do you want to accomplish? What’s your definition of success?
  • The outcome. This is where you use your positive energy to imagine how it will feel when you attain your goal. You’re making lots of money, you’re on your yacht, you’re taking that dream vacation – envision the outcome of your success.
  • Identify the obstacles. Now you put in the dirty work – identify what obstacles are in your way of creating your success.
  • Plan. Once the obstacles have been identified, create a plan on how to overcome them.

This process allows for positive thinking (which is beneficial for the brain and the body) but it also mixes it with a bit of realism so that you can actually take the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

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