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Learn Things Quicker with These Tips

Posted by Brent Fisher in Articles

Every entrepreneur knows the value of learning. And, even though they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it’s simply not true (at least it’s not for us humans). But, did you know that there are strategies you can employ to help you actually learn quicker? Not really a bad idea considering none of us is getting any younger and entrepreneurs are always hungry to get – and stay – on top. Here are some strategies:

  • Link new information with what you already know, that is, create an acronym out of a new process you need to learn. Need to learn a sequence of numbers? Think of them in seven digit chunks like phone numbers. Mental associations make for quicker and easier learning.
  • Switch up your own personal learning modality. You are either visual, auditory, writing/reading or kinesthetic (learn by doing things hands-on). If you want to truly hasten your learning, than combine all of the modalities while you’re learning something new by drawing, reading aloud, etc.
  • Play brain games that improve cognition. There are many of these available on the internet and they are geared toward improving your memory, attention and other cognitive abilities, as well as brain speed. When you work your brain like any other muscle, you’ll see better results when you use it.
  • Take notes by hand. Simply rewriting them onto the computer doesn’t actually cause the information to stick into the brain; you need to handwrite them for the maximum learning effectiveness.
  •  Learn how to speed read. Many people worry that speed reading will cause them to miss an important part of what they’re reading. This isn’t so, speed reading allows the person to read in chunks and still understand it. People who speed read can read up to five times more quickly than people who don’t.

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