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Looking for an Ecommerce Business for Sale?

Posted by Lassiter Mason in Articles


There are many reasons why individuals look for an ecommerce business for sale. Oftentimes, they are ready to head their life in a new direction with a new cause or passion. Others want extra income that can come from purchasing an ecommerce business for sale. Sometimes, entrepreneurs use their skills to flip websites and take a seemingly worthless or close-to-worthless ecommerce business and turn it around to sell for much more than their original purchase price.

For people who are looking for an ecommerce business for sale, it’s important to locate business brokers who have the experience and the know how to determine website valuation, perform due diligence and more. A website valuation is not something that should be taken lightly or done incorrectly. There are website valuation calculators online, but none of them can truly capture the true value of a website when they fail to take certain aspects into account like a review of scale opportunities and the ensuing cost of scale. The website valuation should also take into account if the business can expand into other marketplaces and if the advertising budget has been underserved or not served properly in some way. Other things to consider are if organic searches are a large portion of the visitor mix and if the business is a niche sector.

Business brokers who can truly take all of these aspects into account are the ones that an entrepreneur who is looking for an ecommerce business for sale should consider hiring. The business brokers should also work on a “boutique” basis – that is, they should not take a commission until they have sold the site. This serves multiple purposes. On one hand, it means that the owner of the ecommerce business for sale can be assured that the business brokers are working hard on selling the site, while it also means that the business brokers will do everything in their power to make the site look as good as it can for the highest possible profit.

At, they are business brokers who have been in business since 1998 and offer superior website valuations. They are also a boutique firm that doesn’t take a dime of commission until the client’s site has sold. If you are interested in buying an ecommerce business and are looking for an ecommerce business for sale, or you want to put one up for sale, contact today for a consultation.